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  1. 100% http://www.shakjacksonmassage.com new studio based in Attercliffe
  2. Hi There I am publishing manager for City Mag and http://www.sheffieldvibe.com http://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/magazines/city/ if you would like to discuss give me a call on 0114 2610778
  3. RMC Media have a portfolio of 9 titles across Sheffield and Norty Derbs, all in print and online too plus a new online lifestyle site for Sheffield VIBE Have a look on rmc media website and sheffield vibe dot com!
  4. 1st July gig 2 x 45min Must bring own amp/set up etc To perform covers etc classic and current Paid £100 Text Mel 07990863661 Please send any video links etc if you have them
  5. Just seen on Facebook there is new Satay and beer place that looks pretty cool opening on London Rd They are giving it away free too for the opening * I'm in!!
  6. Just looked into them they cant be doing that bad as they've been going for 30 years in Sheff
  7. Well I totally disagree how about... City Mag Now Then Westside Exposed Sixer to name a few.....
  8. Ha no its just a normal head and shoulder massage but they boost team morale apparently....I'm looking forward to mine I'm always full of knots with stress at our gaff!!
  9. Just been told from our boss he's treating us to a company coming in for two hours to give all our team a 10 minute motivation massage each....can't wait, good idea? I think so! Either way I'm looking forward to my knots popping out Shak Jackson is her name who is coming btw in case you need to know on here I!
  10. here's your woman, unbeatable and travels to you! https://www.facebook.com/Shakjacksonmassage
  11. Just had a massage at home from Shak Jackson Mobile Massage, all I can say it was amazing a spa type experience at home....she brought the music the smelly candle the works ...it was amazing highly recommend you can contact her on 07752413376 think she has a facebook page too Cost me £30 for the hour plus she did a consultation before ---------- Post added 28-09-2015 at 15:37 ---------- https://m.facebook.com/Shakjacksonmassage Here is her page
  12. Hi can do 500 A3 folded to A4 130gsm - £150 delivered free Mel@expertprint.co.uk 10,000 - would only be £500 for reference
  13. Taxi Tip Up Seats 10 Taxis @ £10.00 a month per Taxi call mel @ we Are Chic 0114 2610708
  14. You wont beat We are Chic in Sheffield previously chic promotions marketing http://chicpromotionsmarketing.co.uk/ Top notch website plus seo at a third of the rates elsewhere - outstanding quality Call Mel she will look after you 0114 2610708
  15. If you want to advertise a business, please do so via the Business Directory. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/directory/ Thank you.
  16. anyone any idea why meadowhall has just been evacuated?
  17. chic promotions could do you a vehicle wrap at a great price ask for mel 01142610708
  18. Just seen this video for Mercury Taxis - good work! http://www.youtube.com/mercurytaxis
  19. Chic promotions Marketing cant be beaten in Sheffield for me I just had my leaflets, business cards, my shop signage and a pop up banner they were at least 40% cheaper than everywhere else and the job was outstanding well done guys 0114 2610707 ask for mel
  20. hi trying to help a friend with two boys over six week holidays, she needs a school holiday club for her two boys one 5 one seven that doesn't cost the earth longer hours too i.e past 3pm?
  21. oh yeah that'd help https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deal-on-Deal/320827554700663
  22. There is a new Groupon style website launching next month in Sheffield covering four cities, being based in our city I reckon we may see some really good deals on there as its being pitched as a deal site that supports the independants by giving them a massive chunk of the revenue and upfront!! To me this is good news as I know a few business that have fell under the spell of Groupon/Living Social and ended up regretting it as they take most of the money from the company that offer the deal Good luck to the new company and they are giving away a whole heap of ipads to promote its launch so I for one have registered - plus I am a coupon queen! Good Luck Guys!!
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