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  1. Hi hope you're well yes im still around i just don't get on here as much due to my work load. I would be happy to call round and work out a quote for you cheers Jon at JB Heating.
  2. Hi price sounds around the mark time of 4hours seems alot would have thought more like 1hour if you don't get sorted let me know I could fit you in near the end of the week cheers Jon at JB Heating.
  3. Hi if its labour only we could come way under the £1500, each job can vary alot for multiple reasons so a quote/visit would always be recommended we always visit before committing to a price. Cheers Jon at JB Heating.
  4. Approximately £85 depending on which logic you have eg 24, 30 or 35 and if you're in the Sheffield area cheers Jon.
  5. Hi without fully testing can't be 100% but I would say the turbine wants replacing we have changed loads for hot water issues on the Logic boilers cheers Jon.
  6. Message sent to the contact we have a number of options for you thanks Jon at JB Heating Services.
  7. Hi we are unvented fitters we install and work on them every week, we would be happy to quote but you would have to wait until the 3rd week in January for the installation from us many thanks Jon at JB Heating Services.
  8. Hi the Nest is good I was just checking it was what you wanted and not just already on the quote for you. The Baxi boilers put me off personally because I have attended a lot this year for all the similar problem of water leaks from the valves and internal. The Ideal boilers that I like are nice to install and there is no funny business with warranty when needed unlike alot of manufacturer's who look for the slightest thing to void your warranty. We have fitted hundreds over the last four years and been honest there has been approximately 6 visits under warranty. Happy to view and quote to give you a second option on price many thanks Jon.
  9. Hi it sounds reasonable to me but I'm not a fan of Baxi combi boilers I would definitely go with the Ideal Logic plus, it's got a 7 year warranty and it would reduce your quotation by a little. Wondering if you requested the Nest? Would a standard wireless programmable room thermostat not be ok for you this would also reduce the quote cheers Jon at JB Heating Services.
  10. Happy to view your property and give an accurate quote but I can say I would have thought you'd be looking at easy £3000 cheers Jon at JB Heating Services.
  11. Hi i would get this checked first before buying any spares or costs will rise if fitting wrong parts, you can just get a new repair cartridge but to be honest if your excess is not a major amount i would use your insurance cheers Jon at JB Heating Services.
  12. Hi i think you have a Potterton Powermax? Not sure if your sorted yet but i think you may struggle getting this sorted, please do not let anyone have a go unless they have done the baffles before and have experience cheers Jon at JB Heating Services.
  13. Hi Jon here at JB Heating Services we would be happy to service your Ideal boiler, we maintain lots of Ideal boilers in Sheffield many thanks Jon.
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