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  1. My advice would be to not get dragged into seeing chiropractors, osteopaths, rubbing aincient oils all over your body whilst taking rare Chinese supplements. Instead, spend that money on a good personal trainer and a gym membership. I have had back pain for years. It's taken a lot of work from my GP and hospital specialists, but we have an idea what is causing it now. Steroid injections work incredibly well for me as it is inflammation based. For someone with non-inflammatory causes, this treatment would do nothing. Basically what I am trying to say is there is no way of knowing how to treat your back pain without knowing the cause of it. Your GP is the person you need to speak to. All that said, making sure you have good posture and exercising regularly is the cornerstone of a healthy back.
  2. Hi, Pianos in train stations are brilliant - people love to play them and they are great to listen to. There are 2 right next to each other in Sheffield train station but they are almost non-functional now. The pedals don't work and a lot of keys make no sound! Does anybody have any ideas, or know anyone that might be getting rid of an old, but functional piano that we could replace one of them with!?
  3. My bit of advice - If there is clearly not enough room for a car to pass, I will move out slightly into the middle of the lane. This way, the cars behind don't try anything stupid and squeeze past as the gap won't look as inviting. Then when there is room for cars to pass, you can move back towards the left and cars can pass freely. It's called "taking the lane" and is much safer.
  4. Ah! I just spotted one this morning walking down Frog Walk. Right proud looking fella!
  5. I have never used either and I found the old one was useless to me as I don't know where the tram stops are. The new one worked great - it found my current location, told me where to walk to, how long it would take and how much it would cost. The user interface and layout could do with some work, but it's a vast improvement IMO
  6. This is a common misconception - he had the same colour eyes, but one was permanently dilated from being damaged in a fight with his mate. Any photos that show different eye colours are photoshopped to look that way. The same colour can be seen here
  7. If you have an Android phone, there is an amazing app called Google Skymap. You point it at the sky and it shows you what stars/planets you are looking at.
  8. Heh, yes - I am very naive when it comes to all this and was a bit worked up. It is horrible being lumped with these fees/fines/charges. I was just kind of hoping we could work it out, but will have to use a solicitor I guess.
  9. I am currently having a horrible time with Coppen estates. He is charging me £45 a year as an insurance fee because I am not using Royal and Sun Alliance as my insurance company (even though I am using their own company, More Than!). Whenever I phone him, he takes enormous pride in being intentionally vague answering any question I have about how to avoid this fine. I am currently going through the motions of filling in a "form of notice of cover" to try and avoid this cost. The only advice he had to give was that they would accept it, no questions asked, but if I ever go to sell the house, they will look into them and if I have made any mistakes on the form, I will be charged, possibly resulting in a whopping bill. I suppose it doesn't matter, but I don't have a friendly word to say about this company.
  10. I don't know how I rate my looking skills. I checked a bunch of mortgage lender's sites, but L&C found a rate 0.5% lower than I could. ooh and thanks for the explanation Danny_Boy - I imagine a lot of mortgage applications don't just go through smoothly because of different situations.
  11. When I first took a mortgage I used a free Sheffield based adviser that did everything for me, just required me to send in bank statements/payslips etc. All I had to do was wait for it to complete. The same thing is happening this time round with L&C. I don't understand why you would go for a broker that charges you. What do they do extra?
  12. While they aren't in Sheffield, if you are able to sort it over the phone, we recently used London & Country. They are free to use - they take their cut from the lender. They found a much better deal than I could, and the whole thing was sorted within about an hour's phone call. That money saving guy Martin Lewis recommends them.
  13. Wowzers! That's had an upgrade. It's a bit rough round the edges, but looks like it will be amazing.
  14. Good electrician - Matt Burrell - Knows what he is talking about and Fitted my underfloor heating quickly. 07795264415 http://www.mjb-electricalservices.co.uk
  15. The other day I had to put up with some people having fun. It's ridiculous. Is there no such thing as respect anymore?
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