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  1. Thank you so much, I have been able to get someone to do it for me, but thank you so much for your help
  2. My petrol lawn mower has a fault, the pull cord keeps getting stuck and the company has sent me a new one { it is still under guarantee} the thing is I don't know how to replace it, I'm disabled and nearly eighty,does anyone know if its difficult to take this one off and put a new one on? I don't have a shed full of tools either, any suggestions please? Thank you A.
  3. Hi Garry I’ve a couple of little jobs need doing,how much do you charge per day.? Hope to hear from you soon. A
  4. I hope you don’t mind me asking,but did you get a mobile hair dresser? if so what did you think? If good can you give me her number please.thank you A
  5. Is there anyone who could fit a new tyre and inner tube on anAries electric wheelchair please...Thank you...A.
  6. I’m sorry to se such a beautiful building going to rack and ruin much the same as the Marquess of Granby. I have other reasons to remember The Rising Sun though, my mum went into service there aged 12 years old,she’d never been away from home or her family before and she was frightened to death.She had one afternoon off a week,and she had to walk most of the way back home unless she got a lift on a cart. The owners at that time had a son a bit older than my mum, and his main ambition was to get these young nieve girls into trouble.my mum was carrying a tray ful of Crystal glasses to put them away, when he sneaked up behind her and got hold of her,she then dropped the whole lot of glasses and most of them broke,they were expected to pay for any damage out of their wages,so she knew she would never be able to leave,so she asked this toerag where the outside toilet was,thinking he was on to a good thing he took her down the garden to show her,she immediately pushed him in the toilet and locked it.she then went and got her scarf and left.When she was alive we could never pass it without saying I wonder if he’s still there ? LolI think her wage was 2shillings a week
  7. His salary is obscene,and I think he should consider himself very lucky he isn’t serving a prison sentence, although I think there was a very crafty move,he immediately went into rehab, maybe to make people think he was doing something about his crime, and of course it would look good when his case went to court wouldn’t it.?What judge could give him a sentence while he had voluntary booked himself into rehab at a minutes notice? Nice one that Ant!
  8. I am wondering if anyone could help me please,I have a Sterling Saphirre2 mobility scooter,I am struggling to re assemble my scooter, it looks so simple on line but it proving very difficult for me Thank you....A
  9. I need an external door fitted and a lock on a garage door can anyone help please.
  10. I have bought new batteries for my scooter,but I’m unable to fit them,is there anyone on here that knows someone that could help me please.I live near the water tower Graves Park Thank you...Applegrim
  11. I went to see this show on Wednesday and I take the ladies point about the artists not turning up,but my grouse wasn’t that at all,the play was terrible and so were the “ artists” they could have gone to the job Center, picked twenty women assorted ages and sizes,and they could have done a better job, as for Freddie Flintoff lol no one can blame him for trying something different,he was certainly no worse than the other artist,and God loves a tryer!
  12. Does anyone know if there’s been an accident at the top of Blackstock Road tonight? There has been an ambulance and police car there ages.
  13. When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, never having been on any Benifit before,we found the Parkinson’s disease society very helpful, they sent a guy out who explained everything to us and he also filled in the paperwork on our behalf so try them.
  14. I think thats worked, thank you very much indeed....
  15. I have an apple phone thats been Ok for about three years, after cleaning the outer case , all the numbers appear big, I can't accept calls or make them, anyone any advice please?....A
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