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  1. Looking for a window cleaner in S20, just off Windmill Greenway. Any suggestions please?
  2. We purchased our house last July. The front garden is currently half imprinted concrete driveway and we'd like to extend it so we can fit both cars on the drive. The house is leasehold with the freeholder being William Drabble & Sons. It's not clear from our documents if we'd need permission to extend the drive, or how we'd contact the freeholder to get permission. Oldales agents collect the ground rent but they don't have a website. We have a letter to the previous house owners from a solicitor granting permission for the conservatory. To get permission for the driveway (and eventually enquire about purchasing the freehold) would we need to go through a solicitor to act on our behalf, contact the agent, contact the solicitors who liaised about the conservatory, or contact the freeholder directly? (although can't find anything about them on a web search and understand those named on the lease all died within a few years of them purchasing the land, according to documents left by previous owners).
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you to everyone that's filled in the survey so far. I'd still like to get a few more responses to get a true feeling of how valuable a local blog would be. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C9NJDM6 My next step is to get a more in depth plan of how it's all going to work and how I can work with others to make sure we get a really useful resource going for local couples. I've had a super hectic week since posting this so not progressed any further than getting the survey together! Also thank you to those of you who have offered to help out and contribute. I'll be in touch in due course when I've got a more thorough plan in place! Joanne/Mylo-Photo, it sounds like we've got similar ideas so it would be good to have a chat, I'll be in touch
  4. Hi everyone, I've been thinking about starting a new wedding blog, that's there to help Sheffield couples. There's lots of great popular blogs out there that show off some beautiful weddings and some great ideas, but my experience whilst planning my wedding has been that I want to see as much as possible of the venues, suppliers and services that I'll be using for my big day, not some out of reach florist or venue that's based at the other end of the country. But it's hard to find lots of Sheffield-based stories on these blogs. So I'd like to work with Sheffield couples and suppliers to bring you as much information, experiences and photos of weddings taking place around Sheffield, including South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire (we have such a great choice around Sheffield!). I'll be looking to include weddings of all tastes, sizes and budgets, so you can get a real feel of what's out there. So I'd really like to know your views on wedding blogs and the idea, to find out if anyone would be interested in reading it. I'd really appreciate it if you could fill in the survey I've put together: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C9NJDM6 I really look forward to seeing your opinions and hope to bring Sheffield couples a really useful wedding resource! Thank you! Gemma
  5. Glad I'm not the only one who heard it, was driving me mad the other night. However, yesterday (Sunday) a light plane was flying around all afternoon too, and I wondered if it was the same one. I was in and out of the garden in Gleadless and noticed it everytime I went out. But when I lived on Dyke Vale Road, I always notice the drone of a plane at 11.30 on one particular night every week over several years, which I presumed was a weekly scheduled flight heading to Manchester/East Midlands/Leeds Bradford, so when I heard the plane again the other night, wondered if it was that, but not after it was flying round for as long as it was. Glad we've concluded what it is and kept on topic after 6 pages, anyway......!
  6. I don't want to put you or anyone else off as I've seen wonderful comments about both shops on here and other places online. However, I'm intrigued to know if anyone's had a similar experience, because my experience was such a contradiction to other reviews. So when you've made start and visited a few, or if anyone else has been and done the shops in Sheffield, let me know via PM and we'll have a chat!
  7. Thanks Kat88 As it turned out after my rant of frustration, I went to Barnsley town centre and found several shops, and they had more variety than those I've come across in Sheffield. The prices were still around the same, so I was beginning to resign myself to having to pay around £1000. So I booked an appointment at Elegance Bridal, who have stunning dresses, a lot of which are quite unique and she is an exclusive supplier for a few designers, and tried on about 7 or 8 dresses. I found my dress and as it happened was an absolute bargain. DaisyBoo - I'd say don't worry at all about sample sizes. I'm a 14 dress, 16-18 on bottom, 12-14 on top but I think there were just 2 dresses that didn't fit out of all the shops I went to and all the dresses I tried on, all the samples were about a 14. All the shops in Sheffield and Barnsley have been very helpful and amenable, for example the advice and allowing me to try (lots of!) things on there and then without having an appointment. However, there were two shops, in Sheffield, that couldn't have cared less, despite having made an appointment. It's stories like those that make brides-to-be nervous about dress shopping, but my advice is to not worry as the majority are great, have good advice and experience, and a good range of sizes!
  8. I'm beginning to wonder how realistic a £500 dress is... I echo the comments about Emily Bridal and tried on 2 dresses in there that I would wear, but the price is far from what I was thinking. That being said, I've visited Choola, The Bridal House, Blushes, New York Bride, Francesca and Berketex and not seen anything I like (that doesn't have lots of layers and a long train!) for anything less that £800. I've even been to Meadowhall today to look in BHS, Debenhams and Monsoon. Monsoon in Meadowhall are shutting down so they have lots of dresses in at around £120. That being said, none were for me, and the department stores had 1 dress in each. I have seen one one the Monsoon website, but I'm feeling a bit disheartened unless you do get something from a highstreet store, £1000 is about right for a wedding dress? I don't fancy ordering online - I want to see the dress and understand how it's going to fit before I pay money for it - for example, I'm finding how far down something drops from the waist makes a big difference on me and you can't guarantee it until you try it. Can anyone say otherwise for shops in Rotherham/S.Yorks/Chesterfield?
  9. Exactly this for me too. It dips out for a few minutes quite regularly, but it seems to happen from about 9.30 at night. But I've called them up about it at about 5/6 pm, when I'm available and their lines are open, and they don't see a problem as we're getting 11mb/s as opposed to the expected 9, so that apparently makes it all ok. All they can suggest is to run the same test as last time and putting it in the test socket, even though the last person on the line told you to do that. I arrived home yesterday to find two new microfilters had arrived, so called them to ask if they'd found that they were the problem but apparently not and "even thought the technology isn't any different and I've got the spare microfilter on, it's worth a try". Yesterday's eventual answer was that my cordless phone was too close to the router. Even though the problem is with the internet connection as the laptop and mobile phones still connect via wifi to the router. I asked what a solution would be beyond the phone being too close and she said she didn't know and had run out of solutions. Not good enough. Then again, a few years ago they told me to unscrew the front plate to get to the test socket whilst I was still on the phone to them, adamant that it wouldn't disconnect the call. So of course when I got cut off I had to go through the whole rigmarole of them running through their protocol The irony of Bruce Willis busting into their offices to get things sorted in their advert gets me....
  10. A team of 7 of are currently on the last leg (no pun intended!) of a 93 mile walk from Filey to Sheffield to raise money for St Luke's Hospice and Sheffield Hospitals Charity MacMillan Unit. The effort has been organised by my other half in memory of a close family friend, Terry MacNamara who passed away in March following a 8 year battle with cancer. Terry was a popular pub landlord, serving at the Belle Vue in Filey and Princess Royal, Slinn Street, Crookes, hence the two destinations. The Royal Ramblers have been walking around 30 miles a day raising money for the two charities which gave Terry vital support and care during his final months. Terry's family can not praise the services and staff at each centre enough, as they provided much needed respite and care for Terry and his family. The team's initial target was £1000 split between each charity, but thanks to the amazing generosity of supporters, that landmark was reached on Monday. The aim is now is to achieve £2000 and they are just £64 away from the goal with just a few hours to go. The team would very much appreciate if you could help reach their goal. Donating is quick and easy through the JustGiving website http://www.justgiving.com/teams/royalramblers or you can text a donation of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 via SMS. As per donating online, please split your donation 50/50 to our two chosen charities. You'll get a text back to 'Gift Aid' your donation. To donate to the Sheffield Macmillan Unit, text "TMAC91 £5" to 70070 To donate to St Luke's Hospice, text "TMAC92 £5" to 70070 You can find out more about the team and the build up to the walk on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Royal-Ramblers/120393561377456 read the story in The Star: http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/walkers_charity_trek_in_memory_of_special_terry_1_3830113 The end of the walk will be marked by a final slog up Bate Street, one of the steepest hills in Sheffield. Reaching the target will be a much needed boost to making up that final hurdle, thanks to the generosity of the good people of Sheffield. Thank you for taking the time to read this and donating. Every little helps and is very much appreciated.
  11. "Tha meks a better doo-er than a windher" "Sit back n have a longer ride" "Wa tha born in a field" "Clackfart" "A'll crown thi" Was always confused by my dad (who would have only been in his 20s) when I was younger and he said "Gone to see a man about a dog". My nanan had a couple of ryhmes. I can't remember them, but have a vague idea of one and I believe it's quite rude so won't repeat it, but they were very random and I have no idea where they came from. As kids in primary school we used to run round saying to each other "wannafeight?" at first people would say "no" or "go on then" but what they should have said was "seven" I'm sure there's more but, as most people have already lamented, they're unfortunately disappearing from our vocabulary.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Just to clarify, there's no issues on our part - we've made no complaints, the house is in perfect condition and exactly how it was when we moved in 5 months ago. We're ok with having a visit, because fair enough, they want to make sure the property is ok. And they have given us reasonable notice. My reason for asking was more over the fact that we're both paying an estate agent so surely they should do some work for their money! But given that there appears to be different ways estate agents work (management or rent collection), I'm satisfied that an alternative visitor will be attending.
  13. We rent our house from a couple who are out of the country, and make payment through an estate agent. When we moved in they said that a member of their family would be in touch to make visits to make sure the house was ok - something we expected. But having thought about it, is it actually unreasonable/unsuitable for a member of the family to be doing these visits, or should it be the estate agent seeing as both we and the landlords are paying for their services? I also don't want any awkwardness if there's any issues with the house (which there isn't on our part)...
  14. Anyone know if any new Greek restaurants have popped up since this thread, or if Pathenonas is still up and running? (And any reviews?!) Thanks
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