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  1. Anyone know who the electrical contractors are on the next phase of urban splash apartments? ⚡️
  2. Anyone know a good aircooled mechanic in Sheffield good with engines?
  3. I used to goto the vault on abbeydale road they had a good selection of of diecast cars but done seem to stock many does anyone know where I can buy/browse old vintage model cars ?
  4. Anyone know of any pictures or info on the Norfolk rd getting bombed I've looked on net and not found any??
  5. anyone knowwhat the garage is called that used to be in town on hanoverway then moved to greystones?
  6. no been made redundant, so wanting to try working for myself!!
  7. i have sleepless nights working for a company who are alway threatening sack of redundancy!!! thanks for all the replys!!
  8. if you try Perry electrical they always take on young lads and they've laid me off but they will be busy after xmas, based in mansfiled 01623 427402
  9. Recession Survival Kitwhat a load of rubbish
  10. are there any grants or help 4 me starting up my own electrical business, where would i start?
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