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  1. citroen saxos are great in the snow,very light and easy to control.
  2. Exactly,the excuse that I vote for x cus my parents did is pathetic.
  3. yeh we cant put on weight cus the panic buyers have taken all the bread etc.
  4. I tend to read my papers on line these days,easier and cheaper.
  5. Most wised up people know that the Israeli lobby has the full support of the US and that's why they can get away with what they like.
  6. Lets hope they stay up so us blades can beat them again.
  7. I hate those who panic buy and deprive the rest of their food stuffs.
  8. I live in the south of the city now having lived before on parsons cross I am of the opinion that most of north sheffield is a dump with a few exceptions .Wouldnt dream of moving back to the north side with the exception of hillsborough.
  9. Im a blade and I know its not perfect at the lane BUT its a hell of a lot better than at S6.
  10. there you go takes all sorts doesnt it mate.
  11. agreed,time mellows you and makes you a little less hateful.
  12. If the owls go down will you celebrate or will you miss the derbies and all that entails? I as a blade dont want them to go down cus I regard myself as a proper footy fan first and foremost and think it is bad for the game in our fair city,discuss?
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