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  1. Thanks for your help. I have checked online on these websites. It only says UR - Under review. So I am guessing it will take a few more years to get fibre connectivity :-(
  2. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. Has anyone been upgraded to fibre optic broadband around S2 area. I need a faster internet connection but cant find proper information when or where its being upgraded. Has anyone been upgraded to fibre yet? Many thanks.
  3. Anyone got fibre optic broadband around here? Either BT, Virgin, Sky or any other providers?
  4. The programme on air now, based on sheffield, and can see some familiar faces. On channel 4.
  5. Well i've come across many,worst of all was on the leigh st/brompton road parallel road to the attercliffe common very bad ones there. there are some markings but been there for some time now.So although they have noticed nothing been done yet. Nothing particulary on the city center roads though its the other main roads.
  6. I have just started driving and cant stop noticing the number of potholes everywhere on the roads. There are a few big ones which look more like craters. And its not on one or two roads, its everywhere. and also i did see some which are marked. Wonder if ther are going to do something about it.
  7. its sunshine everywhere,love it!!
  8. http://www.mirror.co.uk/celebs/news/2011/07/10/multi-millionaire-fried-chicken-boss-calls-his-food-sh-t-1 not very good!!!
  9. Hi can anyone recommend a good joinery DIY course (a crash course for a day) something of that sorts for women in sheffield for less. I am really in need of some work getting done in our house. But want to have some basic knowledge 1st before i take up any job. Any recommendations????
  10. it was just a few seconds promo.... was surprised myself.... Dont know much details but defo them on the show....And yep they do really well.... i stayed near the apt's there and they are very busy from the time they open till way past mid-night so not entirely sure what its all about....
  11. Just saw the promos for the new undercover boss on channel 4 which will be starting from next tuesday onwards , and saw that Imran's (takeaway shop near wicker) will be on it as well. Dont know what date it will be aired. would be really interesting to see what happens on the show.
  12. Just heard on BBC looknorth that there was a man stabbed early sunday morning somewhere near the area.(gleadless road) And police going in and around the area questioning people about any leads.
  13. I am looking for a curtain maker to do a neat job for my french doors in the living room for less. if anyone has got their's done could you recommend them? and also wanted to know if there are curtain shops in sheffield who could give a free quote and install them. Basically looking for a made to measure curtains for less. Thanks
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