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  1. I have many issues of Q if anyone wishes to purchase them...
  2. Was only wondering this last week. I would also like to know,doubt I’ve seen or heard of him since the 80s
  3. Stephen TompKinson Sophie in Corrie.Both dreadful.
  4. What the ...I was only joking about Angola.
  5. Yet ours-on Ched-was a stonewaller.
  6. Ooh eck,hope we don't do an Angola.
  7. GET IN THERE Bolton here we come.(removed),Coyle's just taken over.
  8. Cheers mate,thought of that but will go to the Rivelin as on another post.
  9. Does anyone know of any pubs in S2/6/7/10/11 area that still sell darts shafts and flights?I can't believe how hard they are to find.
  10. PictureSheffield only has a small percentage on the web of the pictures housed in the central library archives where u can use their computers.It is miles better if u can get there.
  11. Exactly.Wont surprise me if he puts 1 up top and goes to win on pens...
  12. Harry Hill, Alan Carr Graham Norton Jimmy Carr Bill Bailey Simon Amstell Have I Got News 4 You. Peter Kay. Can't stand Russell Brand.
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