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  1. Hi All, Thought I'd just mention regarding the 'Is Lions even gay' comments etc... I find it amusing that people are making statements along these lines, surely it is only our place to say whether it's gay or not, as the owners?! I hate the term gay friendly, it kind of insinuates that if somewhere doesn't say they aren't gay friendly that any gays will get bashed on entry! Maybe that's just my wappy mind thinking too much! Lions is advertising in both the lgbt magazines and the main student mags too. We are also going to be heavily involved in Pride again this year - for the third year in a row. Do any other bars aside from Dempseys, Affinity or Xes do this? We also host the lgbt joint uni social every week offering free food and £1 drinks, to which we have been getting a steady 60 attendees this academic year. So we are definitely more gay than not! Anyway, think what you will, we are what we are, and we get a lot of gay guys and girls in. Just because we don't have a rainbow flag up, play camp music and shout from the rooftops saying we are gay doesn't make us not gay! We hope you have enjoyed the new look if you've been down, we've had a lot of compliments about it all and have been getting busier and busier week on week since our reopening four weeks ago. If you haven't been down yet why not try it and spend loads of dosh?! Yeaaahhhhhhh!! Cheers all Graham :-) P.s. some people take this forum wayyyy too seriously and need to take a reality check, others need to move on from their past! P.p.s. Whoops, the signature below is wrong, just change it but our opening times are actually: Fri & Sat: 8pm - 6am Sunday: Midday - Midnight Mon - Thurs: 8pm - Midnight
  2. Hi All, Bit of an update for you, we've now just about completed our refurbishment, we're due to reopen this Friday (23rd Sept). We scaled back on the original proposal, everything has been kept downstairs, mainly due to financial restrictions but also down to trying to not be too lavish with cash in this climate. Everything is new, we gutted the place (it needed it I know!), so if you're interested pop down! We, as always, welcome any open minded people out for a good night. We are not an outright gay bar, nor are we outrightly straight. As stated before, I'm gay but my business partner isn't, we have had a very mixed and friendly crowd for the last couple of years and fully intend to keep it that way. If any of you are on facebook, the event is here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149457531814147 Cheers Graham P.s. no, there are no real ales on at this point, but I never say never!
  3. Hi All, I know this thread isn't for advertising, but in the case of a Pride fund raiser, I've chose to make an exception! This Sunday, we at Le Lair are putting on an afternoon BBQ to raise money for Sheffield Pride. It starts at 1pm at Lions, and continues on throughout the night, although the food is just at lunchtime. All profits on the food go to them, it's £5 in which covers all your food - so we should be able to make them a reasonable amount of money. John Dixon, our resident DJ, is spinning some old school funky house for the afternoon - lets just hope the heat wave continues! The details are on the facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=229785097047281 Before anyone starts stating it, yes we will make money on the bar, but we have all the costs of the event to incur, like staff, venue, electric, clean up etc! So if you can, get down and join in the fun! Cheers Graham
  4. Cheers Adam, yeah I have chosen to ignore said little boy. I think we all realise what he is about. Graham
  5. Exactly. Well said. I'm going to be the bigger man and forget about it, I have bigger fish to fry! Anyway, it's Revolution at plug on Friday, and tickets are just £3 this time round. Available at Lions Thursday and Friday night - see you there maybe!
  6. Do you really think I'm going to post the finances of the bar on a public forum?!
  7. Aaron, get a grip and enter the real world.
  8. Oooo I get you! *penny drops* - Yes that's mine now, although it's currently storing various rubbish and old furniture ready for the skip!
  9. We do indeed have the beer garden still, it's not on the roof though! It's small ish, probably 4mx8m, but very private. We are in talks with the Heineken brewery for them to part-fund the refurb of the beer garden under one of their brands, like Bulmers.
  10. I'm not in anyway doubting you run a legit operation, or that any other people don't do it, it's just I don't like the idea of entrapment using bait! Surveillance I am fine with.
  11. Ha! How much exactly do you think it takes then?! Because anything less than £4k/week and it wouldn't even be open! We were taking that some weekends 2 1/2 years ago when James was involved, and we're taking more now!
  12. You simply don't know what you're talking about Aaron. I do hope I never have the misfortune of meeting you.
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