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  1. Printworks center, has pubs bars and clubs all in one building
  2. Cant see it been, i think it will be same as banks, closed
  3. friday 12th?....does the club belong 2 milanos?
  4. Does any one off this site go down to underground nightclub in rotherham?....i know a few people that come down, just wondered if any one else when down & what they thought of the club :banana:
  5. Anyone going to the speed garage night at Escape monday night (1st august) ?
  6. No....lol....bet it was funny, I think next place to shut down will be envy, you dont seem to see many people going down there.
  7. No beach is not keeping its theme...its gunna be a club & bar. I heared it was going to be called ''Blue Bamboo''
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