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  1. Personally i really like New Cod on the Block on walkley!
  2. Well they didn't give me the job I was relieved to hear and didn't discuss my email in respect of voluntary redundancy either. I'm off work paid until next tues when the consultation period ends as they may change their minds as they say they've had to do it before. However, I've been for an interview today and I think I've got the job!! Just need to hear the final outcome from old employer.
  3. Does foxhouse still have a shooting ground?? Thats where I went clay pigeon shooting a while ago.
  4. Jaws definitely made the biggest impression for me scared the pants off me in terms of ever going back in the sea again!
  5. Oh yeah! We had a couple of dens nearby parks and our houses or course. I think one of the reasons i like camping so much is cos it reminds me of being a kid and making dens!
  6. Well the job in question is my job mixed with soemone elses so there are differences. I'm just hoping they accept my voluntary redundancy offer, I havent had a reply as yet and we are due to find out this afternoon who has got the job/will be made redundant. Sigh....this whole thing has been horrible Thanks for everyones help
  7. TBH I have been looking for alternative jobs to leave the company for a while and have never had any luck in my interviews for the time i have been looking so i thought i'd interview badly. There may be other things stacked up against me that may mean i dont get the job too. I'm aware that if they offer me the job that I would have to work a trial period etc and then state why i think its unsuitable. I'm searching as hard as i can and at present, I have a job lined up through a friend that may not be a definite, but is fairly certain. I have just sent an email asking for voluntary redundancy stating I wouldnt be happy or comfortable to continue to work for the company. Guess I'll see what comes back.
  8. Hi Indizine, Maybe I should do that, but obviously its a massive risk in terms of if i find another job to go into. Unfortunately, I think I gave a good interview hence me being worried that I might get it and dont want it. Ahhh what to do!
  9. I'm up for redundancy but they have interviewed me for a job within the company. I really dont want it, I have been unhappy within the company for years but if I get offered the job, can i turn it down? Would I still get my redundancy pay? AHHHH! Sorry if this doesnt make sense, can anyone assist?
  10. I love Hillsborough! Been living in the area for about 6 years now and have always been quite happy there. The shopping centre is well handy, i hate having to go into town or meadowhall. Netto on middlewood rd is about to turn into an asda! Good transport links Hillsborough park is lovely especially the walled garden (such a delight!) Good Hairdressers The leisure centre The college (if i ever take up any further education i might be pleased of its location) Basically - Im quite pleased with my area, and yes the streets are cleaner too!
  11. Also thought about trying to make a chinese dragon or lion but me thinks it may be a bit ambitious in terms of transport and making it!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm off to a festival in the next couple of weeks that has a chinese theme fancy dress. I need something fairly cheap/easy to make/buy/get hold of. I was thinking Year of the Rabbit (actually Hare according to wiki) and bought pink bunny ears earlier this year but not sure anymore!! So SF'ers, any ideas? Cheers Guys! x
  13. Orajel - it numbs the pain and its got benzocaine in - worked for me, get it from the chemist
  14. Keep trying guys, when i was 15 i was working in our local grocers shop, maybe try some local shops if they know you? good luck!
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