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  1. hey i was just casually browsing my facebook when somebody had put a comment which stated 'does anyone know what's happend on woodhouse ? someone apparantly been found dead' Does anybody know whats happenend? :l
  2. I have been looking for a new phone due to the fact mine has broken, i have had a blackberry curve on pay as you go for the last year and there rubbish. I am still on a blackberry sim only contract therefore need another blackberry. I'v been thinking about getting the blackberry bold but the fact of it is they cost about £330+ in shops on the highstreet yet people are selling them on the internet for about £200. Iv been looking on 'gumtree' but i wondered if anyone could suggest a website that they have used and that they trust in which i could buy a phone off?
  3. On hammerton road half of the houses on and half off how does that work?:s
  4. Hey, I was just woundering if anyone else in sheffield had got a power cut, I live in hillsborough near morrisons and our power has been down since 10:50 :-(
  5. I just woundered if anyone knew what time Pizza Hut Hillsborough opened today?
  6. i search on it and it wont let me scroll down only 4 links related to serching '33' come up.
  7. iv tryed that, and cant find anything..
  8. Could anybody help me with the bus timetables, i have looked on the stagecoach, first and travel south yorkshire website and i cant find the number 33 bus timetable on there anywere!
  9. yeah but the problem about buying them online is they wont come today..
  10. giggles you should be able to get one from that 'snowboarding' shop near the the tram stop at windsors across from tesco.
  11. hey i like in hillsborough and i need a cheap sledge for me and my friends. i have an old fashion homemade one but the only problem about that is its metal and wood and quite dangerous. so were do you recomend i can get one from?
  12. Hey guys i just woundered if anyone here could help me.. I'v had my blackberry curve for quite a while now and always thought i couldnt use my blackberry messanger as i have a sim only tariff not including blackberry services or unlimited internet. I have just been researching the internet and it says you should be able to use it but it just doesnt seem to work for me. Im on the network virgin and i dont know wether its just diffrent providers of network that do it, please help?
  13. hmm this sounds weird, could be anything..
  14. no i mean proper views, like im not going to lie but there big, usless and smelly.
  15. I know this is probably a question quite alot of people wonder every day, but what do you actually think of buses?
  16. Maybe someones jumped off them or something, we will just have to wait and see. I'm very supprised that no one on here knows anything.
  17. Hey, just woundered if anyone knew what is happening in stannington? Its just 2 fire engines, 2 police cars, 4 paramedic cars, an ambulance and a helecopter have just gone up stannington road looked like they were heading towards the village, any ideas?
  18. oh sorry, just my friends dad is a police officer and told her somthing about drugs maybe he ment the attacker was under the influens of alcohol or drugs.
  19. apparently had 3 stab wounds don't have a clue were they were, but the police think its all because of drugs or something.
  20. i have an orange sim card with £20 credit on it. Previously i have gone away and used my t-mobile sim card to get 1 weeks unlimited internet, and that was about £5. To get this i text something like 'INTERNET' to a number.. Is there anyway of doing this on orange?
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