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  1. Hi all,


    I know this is a rather random post but I am wanting some advice/ help if possible.

    I am currently 18 and wanting to basically get back into sport and possibly become part of a club. I have no idea what I want to do but I can't dance so that ones out of the agenda. I am willing to give most things a go, it's just when I googled this I found most of the sports clubs in sheffield we're university lead and therefor only for uni students..


    Can anyone at all help??

    Thanks :)

  2. Dose anybody know where a good place to go and do boxercise is for someone aged 17/18+? I thought you could do it at ponds forge but can't find it on their website anywhere! Just wanting to get into boxercise or even boxing as everyone's told me how good it is!

  3. I thought I'd have seen a thread on here about this by now but if your in the Wisewood/Hillsborough area please take care especially at night!! I'm guessing South Yorkshire Police will already know about this problem but last night a few muggins were reported. One Girl said Her and Two friends were mugged last night on the Social Media website Twitter HERE, and also I unfortunately last night unknowingly witnessed a mugging outside a house near Leppings Lane Hillsborough, in which I thought it was three lads just messing around (Tends to happen alot around this area when people walk home in the early hours Saturday/Sunday morning) - turns out it was two males (both dressed fully in black face mostly covered) holding one other male at knife point whilst they took all his belongings!



  4. No thanks.I will stick to the facts.Read your own comments where you start by praising the school and then regress to criticism.Your opinion is highly variable.Also predicted grades are unreliable and often high grades are issued to encourage students,a means of motivation.


    Yes I may praise the school it has good facilities but the level of learning is rubbish, you stick to your facts but I'm sticking to my opinion as I have witnessed it all.

  5. Ever considered that the students failed because the exploited teething problems and were responsible for their own failings?I have read about many students who did exceptionally well despite the teething issues.


    No a lot of them it wasn't their own fault, and you can't say I don't know nothing because I do, because as mentioned above I was one of last years pupils and a lot of students that were predicted A*-C in lessons failed them due to forge valley. They put hardly any revision sessions on, they used supply teachers, teachers were all messed around, and then if pupils had study periods they had nowhere to study because they'd get kicked out of everywhere because other classes need the space etc, which I understand but its still unfair, also being a former Myers grove student in the last year it was ridiculous trying to take Year 10 GCSE exams with all the racket from the building of them new school. Statistics and hear say tell you one thing but if you want to know the truth etc your have to find out from the pupils who went/are there.

  6. The exam results were in percentage terms so the numbers in each have no relevance.I hope you enjoying doing A levels and presumably you aim to go to university or better.


    Yes ok sorry I got it wrong, but any how I know so many students that failed GCSE's due to Forge Valleys teething issues etc. I'm just trying to say that they did not consider the year 11's going in, it was such a shambles, I am ashamed to say I helped the school design scheme etc.

  7. Is this a Sheffield school?In fact Forge Valley has achieved better GCSE results than the Myers Grove school suggesting some improvements have been made.Did you attend MGS regularly?


    Forge valley may have achieve better GCSE results than Myers Grove but you hav eto put into consideration their was more Pupils at Forge, I went to both school and Myers grove was far better than forge valley, I am led to believe that a lot of teachers have left due to schools teething problems beeing consistent and on going.

  8. Hi everyone, today I had my Samsung chat unlocked from O2 so I could put my Vodafone sim in, when I put the phone on it came up with some options it was something like 'Vodafone contract, Vodafone payasyougo' and some more, I was scrolling to the pay as you go option cause that's what the sim is but whilst I was scrolling it just kinda skipped to the next option anyway Iv got to get on the Internet and its saying it on the Vodafone contract option how do I change this?!

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