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  1. Great to see Rio opening up about a really difficult part of his life
  2. Im going to add to the Snoop Dog fan club on here
  3. Chris evans for me and not the captain american chris evans
  4. The sports pages are the best out of all papers out there
  5. Does anyone know of a decent car boot next weekend. Thanks
  6. who gulistan? ordered today. driver said it was new as of last week.
  7. actually i have as i used to live on stead road near by not as good as gulistan
  8. Just driven past Gulistan at end of South Road in Walkley where I get my weekly curry from. Seen sign on window now saying they deliver. GREATTTTT!!!! Been wating them to do this for ages. So happy!!! Now I can have 2 a week. Best Curry in town!!!!
  9. Tried it last night for the first time. requested the free delivery which was late, the veg dish i ordered had too much salt and nan was cold. WILL NOT TRY AGAIN. try gulistan much better food and been there for ages
  10. I used to live in walkley and was in every sunday after day out with family. had to move down to london for a job now im back in the area and am back in. missed the food not the same down south. when i took my kids in they loved it as they got free popadoms and a pen and paper!!! i wish more REAL customers would put posts on instead of people that have never tried it before or . Its been there for years so it must be doing something right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. cottage is great then followed up by a nice indian takeaway at the gulistan at end of outh road oppsite library. enjoy
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