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  1. EarthBoy

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    I prefer paying by card because you've got a record on your bank statement of where you've spent the money. I use my bank's app and you can see it straightaway. If you use cash it's all too easy to get home without any money and wonder where it all went.
  2. EarthBoy

    Lyceum theatre balcony seats

    You made the right decision. I'm not as tall as your partner and I refuse to sit in the balcony because the seats are so uncomfortable, so your partner would have really suffered.
  3. EarthBoy

    Places for Christmas dinner

    Trains don't run on Christmas Day.
  4. EarthBoy

    Pub quizes in Chapeltown/ High Green?

    The Crown and Cushion have a pub quiz every week. I think it's on Wednesdays, but you can ring them to check. 0114 246 8600
  5. EarthBoy

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    A pint of Fosters is £3.60, but half a pint is £2.50. How can they justify charging that for half a pint?
  6. The article doesn't say the premises has been closed since October, it says "Edward's opened its doors on Glossop Road in October last year"
  7. It's going to re-open as Sinatra's: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-city-centre-bar-set-to-be-re-branded-with-extended-opening-hours-1-9204579
  8. EarthBoy

    Where is the Sheffield music scene?

    The Mulberry Tavern and the Church House.
  9. EarthBoy

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    LOL. Amanda Holden described her as "beyond rubbish".
  10. EarthBoy

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    No, it's open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
  11. EarthBoy

    The Sheffield gay scene part 2

    Climax is no more. It's now called Proud: https://www.shefnews.co.uk/2017/10/20/sheffield-student-union-launches-new-lgbt-club-night/
  12. EarthBoy

    New drinking dens!

    I know people call it the Fairfield, but it's actually the Farfield, -no i before the r.
  13. EarthBoy

    Rutland Arms, Brown St

    Certainly, reuse old threads if the topic is the same, but in this case it isn't the same. The topic of the old thread was a rumour about the place closing, the recent posts are nothing to do with this rumour so a new thread would be more appropriate. Reusing the old thread just keeps the rumour alive.
  14. I've used the app in the Bankers Draft and it works a treat. The drinks were delivered seconds after ordering them and the food not long after.
  15. EarthBoy

    The Hop, West One

    I'm with you there. I don't know anybody who'd pay that price in Sheffield.

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