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  1. Thanks guys! Lots of place I see, Heeley Farm isn't that far from me so will probably go there and support them!
  2. Looking for local honey in the South of Sheffield.
  3. Wild Oats - Jessica Lange, Billy Connelly - I thought this was really good, lots of laughs and leaves you with a good feeling. Café Society - Slow to begin but definitely worth a watch. Pity they cast the awful Kristen Stewart who is a wooden as ever. Florence Foster Jenkins - Great film & will make you laugh out loud. Meryl Streep is an amazing actress and she doesn't disappoint in this. Summer Villa - god only knows how I ended up watching a Hallmark movie but I liked this one, set in the south of France and is quite a good chick flick. Not a movie but a new series - The Exorcist - very scary and compels you to watch more, good series from the start, good actors and can't wait to see more of it.
  4. I'm reading 'The Screwtape Letters' by CS Lewis. I like it, good insight into how easily human's are and can be manipulated for either good or bad. It's also odd seeing the word God renamed as The Enemy lol. Anyone else read it?
  5. I'm on episode 12. It's edge of the seat stuff! Think they mght need to join forces now as i think the truth is going to come out about Gregory.
  6. Can anyone tell me where there are any game bird shoots that I could join in? Pheasants/partridge etc South Yorks, Humberside, NE Derbys, Lincs. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated
  7. I can't wait for the new series of Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. It's addicted crap shocking omg viewing but I bloody love it. The women are shocking, rich and yet cheap as hell. Roll on the new series.
  8. and here's me just thinking he was a closet diabetic.
  9. Chef: 9/10 great film, story and soundtrack. Really enjoyed this. The conjuring: 2/10 super boring stuff Deliver us from evil: started good, suspense was there then don't know what happened but it got rubbish. I watched it last night and couldn't even say what the story was. Don't waste your time. Ouija: 0/10 don't bother How to train your dragon 2: 8/10 not as good as the first but biased as I love these movies.
  10. I'm just waiting for E5 of SE5 tomorrow. The story of boring Beth is being unraveled now. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  11. Walking Dead: edge of the seat stuff, I can't get enough! Real housewives of Beverley hills Downton (for cosy sunday eves) Forever: love this!
  12. This is an old thread, but I need to FHI Heat straighteners fixed, anyone know where to take them? Tried looking for that shop on abbeydale rd with no joy...
  13. I am sure the dogs wish they didn't belong to scruffy chavs!...... I am all for a dog licence. No licence-no dog. Most scroates wouldn't/couldn't pay for one so they wouldn't be allowed a dog. Therefore the millions of dogs being breed would not be as many and not as many dogs in the pound. Th gov could Make a mint from dog licences and help eradicate problems with dogs but ok they aren't not interested. I have a bull breed and how anyone (some Do say what they think also!) could think they are all dangerous is beyond me.
  14. I wrote to the council asking for parking permits to be introduced on my road, and was told no. The reason I asked is myself and other neighbours are sick and tired of not being able to park outside or even near our own houses due to a local shop (which has a dusty car park, therefore people won't use it) people just park on our tiny street and are not considerate and don't park with any thought meaning no one else can park. Cars are often hit and left with damage, I can't even count up how many times my neighbours has been left with damage on it (he regularly leaves his stood for months whilst away) and Not once has anyone admitted they've bumped it. A older man sat in his car once watched me struggle with shopping bags and when I politely said would you be able to move your car down there a bit so I can get in and get my shopping out, he said 'p*** off I pay my road tax I'll park where I like'....so much for elderly people having manners. Not being able to park near your house let alone with reasonable distance is a real pain and I'd be all for paying for a permit so I could park!
  15. I had this problem but I was the dog owning neighbour. I had a shared garden (yard) with the next house. My dog who I got from a puppy didn't know she should only crap on my side of the yard and as much as I kept putting her back onto my side she just sees the yard as her territory. My neighbour had a full blown go at me one day about sick of seeing my dog taking a pee on his garden. I sympathised and explained I had tried and advised him to put a fence up. (considering he didn't live in the house for around 10 months of the year, I didn't see the bother). I picked up the crap as soon as she had done one and washed it down with some water, once a week I'd use Jyes to get rid of any smell/germs etc. I always swept and kept both our gardens tidy, pruned weeds etc...as he wasn't there much. I can sympathise it is annoying etc....and I doubt it would bother you if the losers you live next door to actually picked the crap up. Maybe just say 'I know it's hard to keep your dog off mine, but can you pick the poo up immediately as it is a health hazard'. If they say no, just shovel it every day into a pile on their garden or report it. The house at the back of me, their cat took a crap in my raised flower beds all the time, I used to just shovel it up and lob it back over the wall onto their garden.
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