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  1. Would that country be Britain by any chance? You know the one where those who have pathetic lives find someone else to blame, where idiots think they are know more than the educated people in power and the country where people are suppressed in name of freedom. I'll be back later
  2. It seems even those who would cheat the social security system and working whist signing on and those fiddling their tax return and those taking drugs and those cheating on their partners all become sooo righteous and upholders of British values when it comes to dictating how Muslims should live and what the Muslim women should wear. Why don't these jumped up cheating lying little dictaters get their own miserable lives in order before ordering disruption on others, if they were to, it will no doubt be a long time before they get round to ordering others. Am I being.....erm.....what's the word when you can't stand idiots? It's usually the class that if they were in India would be regarded as the untouchables:roll:
  3. I have yet to walk into a bank and been asked to have my face examined, mostly they ask for proof of identity like cards and signatures etc which is a bit more than just looking at your face. If they did they would see a confused face which is so different to a my happy face which again is different to the angry and up yours face, so which face would they be looking for? Most establishments are not concerned about how you look but how much are you going to benefit them financially.
  4. What? Are our soldiers there to buy smack from the tribes? I knew this war had something different about it.
  5. The banks and other establishments banning them will not need legislation but an outright ban would, so maybe not the same thing. The banks can do that now if they wish but would they risk loosing any potential business in these difficult economic times?
  6. Would love to see this one explained, if you don't mind and can find time from trolling up other older controversial threads that is?
  7. Will they now? Hmmmm,........How do you know that for certain h2m?...............
  8. Once that is banned what will you have to moan about after that? Ban will affect a minuscule percentage of women who do choose to wear it and even a smaller percentage than that who may even be forced but in general you will not notice any difference except All the Muslims being reminded of your hate will turn to their faith in greater numbers go for it you are doing Islam a favour. The fact is the more you hate mongers peddle the Islamophobic myths, the more it encourages debate and result is people are more aware of real Islam today than was the case ten years ago, we Muslims owe you a debt of gratitude and thanks for promoting Islam in the west. A small price to pay I would say for the huge publicity it has already received. You can ban garments but you can never ban ideas.
  9. The comment which you responded to PT sounds so much like a Ruth comment doesn't it?
  10. It has never been known for all the parents to talk to all the other parents anyway but if you are with the complex I guess it can only help you to communicate. Myself on the other hand I don't make a point of stopping people on the street to ask them random questions, so I don't really understand the underlying need to interfere in other people's lives unless it connects with mine somehow. That is why our opinions differ I'm assuming.
  11. Here you may not be familiar with religious connection to swastika http://www.religionfacts.com/hinduism/symbols/swastika.htm
  12. The garment remains part of a dress code in many countries, but was in decline in yet in many more. Till of course the USA decided to use the motivational power of religion to focus the Islamic world to fighting the Russians in Afganistan. The burka issue was almost a none issue but the recent conflicts where Muslims are pecieved as being attacked for being Muslim, have served to cause a mini rebellion by young Muslim women wearing the garment to Make a statement of defiance.
  13. All these scenarios are well and good and may even make sense except in real life as a Muslim I have never and I mean never have been in a situation where I have had a need to hold a conversation with a burkha clad lady, so what chance have you? Most of these security and interview scenarios are based on nonsense that is unlikely to happen to most of the people reading this thread so why all the hype?
  14. If that was the majority situation you would be treated just like the Palestinians are today in an open prison and one punishment for all, your home bulldozed for any offence from motoring infringement to Murder.
  15. I would say that statement is ignorant rubbish. In the north western Pakistan where there is strong presence of Taliban types they attempted to implement their form of Sharia and for a time even carried out some atrocities but have had their butt kicked since. Get your facts of reality rather then invent them please. The rampant claim is ludicrous and if you list all the Muslim countries and state which ones have sharia based laws then you would have to change all their names to either Iran or Saudi Arabia because otherwise you will find majority of the others don't as far as I am aware.
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