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  1. 'Scoffy' used to call you a pob and hit you with the board ruler at the front of the class. ---------- Post added 11-06-2014 at 16:34 ---------- Female teachers, as I remember, were Mrs Barrett, Mrs Young and one serious bad ass on the ground floor called......................nope can't remember!!
  2. KGB is on this coming Saturday in the dive bar at Abbeydale Picture Palace - also known as Bar Abbey Abbeydale Road Barry Holland in the chair
  3. My multi talented brother Peter (Eason) was not in the above band but did feature in The Negatives and Yah Boo! His most successful band was Person To Person with both Jeremy Meek and Dave Clayton(Simply Red) no less His sons now play with The Bluehearts in Sheffield Pete still sings, obviously, with The Wildcats!!!
  4. How to win friends and influence people!!! Bet you are a teacher
  5. Hi White Horse I should have asked - what is the set up time for booters please?
  6. Can you tell me what time the car boot starts at Anns Road?
  7. Not forgetting about the general populus who work of course!!!!
  8. .....without the need to cherry pick the best of each others donations at a jumble sale.... I expected justification and a lot of defending and bluster to raise the sympathy level, but the statement made above is so incorrect You may feel you have to reply but I have had my final input This jumble sale is not for public consumption
  9. Well then - where do I start!!!! This jumble sale was great...........for the helpers who were 'helpering' themselves for an hour before this sale started I was in the queue being pushed to one side every time a 'helper' came out with yet another box or bag full of cherry pickings What we were left with was a hall full of tat, the residue of a totally picked over jumble sale This is an affluent area; why was the need there and why was there total disregard for the queue during the transfer process of booty to car? Needless to say I will not be attending another one of these debacles and urge other like minded people not to do so Many thanks for nothing
  10. Hi there Any chance of a pre-sale on Saturday afternoon?
  11. Hello If the '56' part of your name relects your birthdate you may have been at Rollestone with me. My mates were Gary Marshall Daryl Hartley Melvyn France etc I'm a Spotswood Close boy and proud of it
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