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  1. jubby did you not get a letter off street force telling you what was happening we did ring the number i gave outhe is the man incharge of the works hope this will help
  2. the road works are all to do with the the work being done on city school,to make sure all the pupilswho have to cross the road can do so safely,this road is a rat run of speeding inconsiderate drivers evan adults struggle to cross it so well done street force for making it safer.ring andy thirlwall on 01142735261 and let him explain
  3. dont want to be adamp squid as i.me wednesday throo and throo but iff it wasnt for mm this club might not exist no more its his money and he wants results this decsion in my eyes is wrong but in my heart of hearts i hope it is right then at the end of the season we can give him what for
  4. and not a bad bloke to work for either so i,ve heard:hihi::hihi:
  5. thank you gadget man that is brilliant help i had jack stuck in my head but now you have sed the name it,s all coming back,thanks again
  6. just looking for a bit of help can anybody on here remember the garage/petrol station on manor park shops,and the name of the man who allways wore a flat cap that owned it,i lived there for 25 years and my parents lived there for 51 years mum has just passed away aged 94 any help would be appreciated
  7. spoke to easty last night when loosin 3-0 poor bugger had a bus there he was laid in the bus watching the best fireworks he had seen for ages the ball was never out of the sky it made him laugh that much he bought a round today
  8. ive seen a couple from a while ago,V14AGR on a silver vectra ,and JEF150N ON A JAG
  9. yep cus only real men wern't afraid of the shirt l...ters pluss they served a good pint,and also you dint have to spend time in the howard surrounded by blades,we new were we would rather stand,in alot cleaner enviroment:hihi:
  10. is there anybody on here that can get rid of a couple of wasp nest please:help:
  11. did many a walk down there with my dad searching for sticklebacks but other stuff too,we got two brilliant train sets just dumped in cases, we aso found a little yellow chic witch we thort was a chicken we tried to find the owner but no luck so we took it home,it turned out to be a femail mallard and we kept her for 3 years her name was yaky. but getting back jumping jack as we called him was tonkinking our next door nabor.
  12. what about the pubs real men went ,hen and chickens,cannon, howard hotel,cossack,sportsman,pump tavern,these were the start of your night out before enterin places like wapanteck,dollers,pinkys, o and never forget the bottom of the lane;)
  13. thanks 0742 not 01142 must be part of the old school cut me open and i will bleed blue,but i did go and support the blades and wanted them to win,well said i suppose age is a healier but it still hits hard when your team losers ++-0
  14. just got back from a 479 mile driving job and my wife cant understand why i,me tieard dus this make sense?
  15. will that bench have (DONATED BY MOLLY)or justice for matt.what molly should do is run like a butterfly sting like a bee,and all SHE can give goes too matt C love u neph
  16. a friend of mine in about 1978 told me a funny storey his older brother had got a contract to do various work at the hospital,they befrended one of the inmates(or he befrended them)carrying stuff making tea and other stuff,they had been there for about 6 weeks when one of the lads saw him making the brew,he had the kettle in the toilet bowl filling it up,dont think he made another cuppa for them:hihi:
  17. when it comes down to getting the truth every little bit helps,our molly has her bed made allready infront of a big open fire.she will live the life of rilley a run on the cowey a dish of water in the birley,probley a few crisps and all the love of everybody who have dug deep to get the justice for matt.And guess what they will not have regreted a penny of it:love:
  18. we have recently moved into a house at normanton spings,whilst diging the garden over to make a vegi patch[sad i nobut every bit helps] we found old floor tiles and other stuff that make us think that there could have been houses here before,i have asked about and the oldis seem to think that they could have been old pit houses.ive tried to find a mine[ex] near hear but no look PLEASE HELP:help:
  19. well lets rent wembly then thay had to let us have it for the semi:)bring on sheffield
  20. the grounds full:mad: what about the 49,000 gate the biggest for a third division game ever cum on bring on sheffield:):)
  21. lemongrass stick a cork up your ,well i dont no wich orrofice you should insert it. but stop being a plank
  22. i think its good that there ant been any gloating tnynt.at the end of the day were both crap,weve had season tickets since 1935 this is the worst i,ve seen,i,me wednesday till i die but we need t forget that bickering out of the way and get the 2 teams back in the prem and then show the world what sheffield steel is
  23. thanks corker i,ll let eastbank no. were all sheffield arnt we:love:
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