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  1. Hi, we are currently developing a new web presence system for used car traders, as what goes on in the industry at the moment is terrible. Its coming to completion and we need a small number of people to field trial it (aka beta users!) and give us some feedback. In exchange you get the system for free, forever. For more information please email us: traders@motorfy.com
  2. I have been reading on the latest theory surrounding the big bang, it goes like this: The universe expands as it does now ... until it reaches a point after which it starts to collapse and when that stops it expands again, with a bang! (repeat? indefinitely?) I cant remember the details but this is based on the speed of light not being constant.
  3. It is the case that British youth turn their noses up at jobs on the farms, supermarkets, fast food outlets and other industries which faced with half-arsed natives are employing hard working immigrants, can you blame them? From the bs on this thread one would imagine the immigrants swarm into UK like the plague killing everything in their path and forcing people our of jobs, while its actually British people employing immigrants to do jobs their fellow British dont want to do. I guess some people just want their prices low and their wages high, how does that work?
  4. "we buy any car", whoever made that needs to be taken outside and shot for crimes against humanity and life in general
  5. As with everything being good or bad is relative! One concept to go by is "Karma", whereby if one does things to others in the way he/she would want others to treat them only the good would propagate through society. Its clear this concept works and i try to follow it because if its clear benefits for everyone - i think this strive to propagate good and not to cause grief to others is what makes me good. No one is perfect and I as every one else have bad days and bad moods, but i think as long as the intention to be good is there - you cant go too far wrong!
  6. If there really is god, may he strike this post down!
  7. It does not matter ether way really, whatever god was the future is now ours. God and science both teach to be nice to each other and both fail to prevent war and suffering around the world.
  8. I ment that calling it god, devil or steve does not change its nature and effect. And it is the effect thats important not the name. If god did exist, but was called tony, would that make anything different? Well people have managed to cooperate enough to send some to space, you can go and check that if you so wish. Yes you, right now, can go and accurately determine if that is the case, yourself, its a fact. Does this mean human cooperation has survived for a long time? People ask for proof of existence of 'god', but to know if god exists you need to know what god is. I have given you the knowledge required to determine proof of 'god' for yourself, and you dont need to read the ancient scrolls to know its ture. Literally right now, you, can go out and prove that all i said was accurate and actively shapes the lives of all involved - this is unlike the omnipotent being which has no basis for existence or proof thereof. Go to a shop, buy yourself a candy bar and as you check out look the concierge in the eyes, smile and say thank you. See what happens when you cooperate, note how you feel, note how the other person appears to feel. I encourage you to repeat that a few times, to determine if the response is accurate and reproducible. You can try acting like a dick to see the other side too, but i hope you dont!
  9. Indeed, a rose by any other name is still a rose Perhaps in the interests of true understanding we should call it something else, its just that its been refereed to as god for so long by so many... care to make up a name?
  10. Let me give you a little mental exercise If you had no way to ask me this and all you could do is observe my actions. Given that my actions reflected the teachings of god and i treated other people well, could you conclusively assert whether i was an atheist or a believer in god? When you have done this i will give you a follow up question to muse about
  11. Why did someone have to make everything? If a tree falls in a forest, did god push it over? My description of god as the concept of human cooperation does not make it an actual embodied being.
  12. The sun pre-dates the wheel and man by unimaginable time scale, yet has the very shape of the wheel... Man created nothing - he saw and copied what was there already.
  13. Do you mean the outer space?
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