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  1. its not just a case of just poping them on you need to put a slate latt on the verge first to fix your dry verge to if the end of your ext slate latts are too short and they slide in to each other if you dont do this the wind could blow them off!
  2. just pm,ed you inspired roofing 07525048409
  3. ring inspired roofing for your gutters and roof eork 07525048409 thanks
  4. you carnt quote without seeing the job! inspired roofing 07525048409
  5. they may have been from the kids at woodthorpe school they let loads off for there head teacher thay died they let them off on friday
  6. inspired roofing and property maintenance 07525048409
  7. it would take longer than a day to fill a giant one up do u want to hire the fire service to fill it up for you aswell!
  8. Ring Brookes building and have a talk to simon 07866245209 he is very good and he is very good on his prices.
  9. you have to inform council it costs £70
  10. u lot dont no what you are talking about i no a lot of ppl on the manor been here 4 28yrs and sorry to tell u t no at least 3ppl who steel cars of manor park 2of the wyborn 2of arbourthorn 2off gledless all hang around on manor and now have grown up so dont bring us down from ppl of ur estates comming on to the manor and giving us bad names and the manor park isent that BIG to move SCUM of the manor on to .so stop slaging our estate down and carry no tickle tackle with the ppl next door to u! get a life
  11. i would spend my money on a new roof this stuff may look good and pritty but its only hideing the bad/or shaild tiles under it a new roof can be good up to 50/60 yrs how long dose this stuff last and how much more money will it cost you to take this stuff off when the roof you hideing is totaly cream crackerd and need a new one????and the cost would be on top of the price on your new roof!
  12. inspired roofing & property maintenance 07525048409
  13. inspired roofing & property maintenance 07525048409
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