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  1. It has to be fire boards or bubble boarded them regs have been in maybe 10 years or more
  2. I would recommend arena for web or dashing best in town call Lee on 07885 486866
  3. Ring Lee at arena he has all trades and very good 07885 486866
  4. Hi happy to quote to replace full velux thanks
  5. Hi iv lived on fairligh 30yrs now I'm on payler close parklands all I want to say the manor has a bad rep but I have worked on estates around sheffield and lived on batemore and I have seen that all estates have bad points even dore and totley I have seen it the first day I moved to batemore my car got broken in to it happens all over it just manor has a rep and people like to put there nose in and make it sound bad I'm not saying the manor is the best estate in Sheffield but sorry in my eyes its not that bad and yes I have had my van broken in to but it happens every where I don't blame the estate you just get she odd little ***** as every estate and il be here for menny years
  6. Could come out and give you a quote when you want
  7. I would ring arena for a quote best in town Ring Lee on 07885 486866
  8. Hi there I'm Zac inspired roofing I fit solor tubes around southyorkshair the supplier around these parts is tuff roof at dronfield I would recommend spending a little more money on a solor tube the difference is quality I have fitted solor tubes for 7 years I have also fitted velux and cheaper version fakro lite tunnel but as a roofer I would recommend solor tubes . they are made in us and designed for the best lite and bleve me you can tell the difference buy far.
  9. Ring arena plastering best in town speck to Lee on 07885 486866
  10. It seems to me you need your flat roof re covering as fro drilling your ceiling be cerfull of wires I think the fixings have popet out of the plaster board try and screw it back up or screw a timber over the dip in ceiling fix it to ceiling spars ifyou require a quote for your flat roof call me on 07525 048409 inspired roofing thanks
  11. I'd use arena plastering phone Lee on07885 486866 best in town he is well known around your estate
  12. speak to simon brookes building he will no 07862 245209
  13. dont no about solar panels but i fit solar tubes to allow natural lite in to dark rooms they is one displayed on my webiste http://www.inspired-roofing.co.uk
  14. hi if you require a roofer give me a ring 07525048409 or look at my website http://www.inspired-roofing.co.uk
  15. siddalls charge £2 pluss vat and same for ridge cap and eaves vent
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