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  1. We would be happy to quote,but we don't have many slots left could possibly fit a few little jobs in in December.
  2. Hi if u would like to give me a call I can call out and take a look for you thanks Zac.
  3. Hi we did a re roof on greenhow street just before Christmas we had a scaffolding on the bay top and they stole half the lead off it, luckily for us we was replacing it with fibreglass.
  4. I think you are referring to a bonnet tile or a clay ridge
  5. Thank you very much mark I'm glad your very happy with the work we have done for you thanks again. And thanks again for the recommendation.
  6. You could take ridge tiles off and have a dry ridge system fitted,no cement needed problem solved . ---------- Post added 20-06-2013 at 13:34 ---------- If on the verge there is also a dry verge system hope this helps
  7. If the stack is not used have u consider takin stack down below roof space and tailing it up?
  8. Yes these are the ones if tuffroof supply and fit it will be me that comes to fit them just make shore the person that fits it for you gets it in the right angle or he will have a big problem to get the tubes to fit together
  9. Solar tube is best and yes tuff roof will supply to you u need to measure how menny tubes you need and what size tube 9" or 14" tube lenths 900mm long hope this helps tuff roof01246 411411
  10. I fit them solar tube are the best on the market .others allow between 60/75% of lite solar tube allow 99% buy for the best in my experience supplier in sheffield is tuff roof there is a fair bit of difference in price but buy far the best . ---------- Post added 06-02-2013 at 15:58 ---------- U need a rigid tube not a flexible one
  11. Dan ? Tradesman I have been roofing since 1998 c&g & CSCS registered. Bigmanols asked for a re felting and may be fleshing on a SMALL BAY . Not needing much stuff unless it needs boarding .We could offer grp but its not the weather for that .unless temp goes above freezing.
  12. Depending on size your looking around the £200mark give or take plus lead if required . ---------- Post added 18-01-2013 at 16:57 ---------- Thats for felt
  13. Thay have told the next door to look out if they come back to call them back and they haven't been out to look or to close the door and its wide open. what do we pay our taxes for its a joke! ---------- Post added 14-01-2013 at 22:49 ---------- If it was my house and police had not been 2hrs 25min later and still not been I'd be fumming .
  14. Burglary on manor at8:25 police been called at the time of brake in and the back doors open and police still haven't come it's now 10:30 police are a joke!!!!!
  15. After all the gear and fuel for the job you left with about £35/£40 for two men for half a days work plus all your time pricing the job hmmmm may be NOT. £100 get real.
  16. A old lady as been run over she was in the middle of the road with a cover over her but don't no how she is. Hope she is ok
  17. I would try lee at arena for render inc web mix render best in town call him on07885 486866
  18. More than happy to quote give me a call thanks
  19. Ring arena best in town guaranteed call lee on07885 486866
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