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  1. Your ignorance is astounding. Do you work in Planning? LOL Chapel Walk is not just " a shopping street" - it has always been a Feature; by definition, not a main thoroughfare. Think of the Rows in Chester; the Arcades in Cardiff and Leeds. The comparisons with Oxford Street etc., are nonsense. Rather, compare Cecil Court and places off the Charing Cross Road (if we're citing London) - not far away . Specialist shops. Yes, I developed my love of books in the 60s with visits to Bowes & Bowes on Chapel Walk. A day trip to Sheffield from North Derbyshire was a treat. Why do you compare it to Bond Street? - I am taking the charitable view, that you've been there; but I am still a bit baffled. A shopping Arcade which offers something different is always worth a try. What's your view of Moor Market? Not as good as Billingsgate or Smithfield Market? Shut it down? The 'Skid row' reference was gratuitous, by the way. See why?
  2. Agreed. There's enough punditry when football's actually on, without it replacing the action altogether! BBC must have a massive archive of footage; let's see a re-run of classic matches on Saturdays and a maybe midweek slot too
  3. Don't get above yourselves. Which Sheffield club was the last to win a major domestic trophy? Go to the record books, if you have such things in a Blades household….
  4. I think this is a very negative line to be taking. I've lived in Sheffield for 25 years, using buses every day, and the main characteristic for me is that practically everyone says "thanks" or equivalent, to the driver when alighting. This applies to schoolkids as well as pensioners, and I have seen them all! I have impressed upon my own children that "we are Sheffielders, we acknowledge our bus drivers".
  5. City will doubtless put the reserves out. Look at Liverpool's approach to their Cup replay. "We're on our break!" Will they put the youth team, managed by Critchley, out if they get to the Final?
  6. During 65+ years, I have been fortunate enough to call only occasionally on NHS services. And so, when I needed to present with a condition and turned up as I always had, in the pre-0800 queue at my local surgery for a same-day appointment, I was surprised to be told this system had been scrapped. "People phoning in were annoyed that there weren't any appointments left." So, I went home, and hit the phone line frequently during the appointed window. No luck....but finally, a message "All routine appointments are now taken". So I have now joined the ranks of the annoyed, without an appointment. Hmm.
  7. This feeding frenzy should be halted, at least in memory of Field Marshal Lord Bramall RIP. A great servant of this country, Normandy veteran, who at the age of 91 was raided by police., and his career potentially discredited. All down to the activities of an evil fantasist, Carl Beech, supported by the gullible Tom Watson.
  8. Well, as a pedestrian who is often taking my young children home: (1) drivers on a roundabout not signalling their exit at all, or very late; (2) drivers not slowing down at corners. This seems the new normal. What happened to: "If it's clear, then steer"?
  9. What was an even bigger failure was to have actually built an airport - Sheffield City, from which I flew several times - only to discover the runway was too short for long-haul flights and knock it down again. Yet another business park.....
  10. Rotherham have kept faith with Paul Warne, according to my Millers colleague, because " he knew the club inside out and had the passion to sell it to potential signings". They've made some decent signings. Give it to Lee, even if on a 12 month contract, for the same reason. Let's get off the merry-go-round of the has-beens, might-have-beens and never-will-be riders on the on-going managers' baggage carousel.
  11. Many apologies, SP! I'm being unfair to Andy with that association. He came from Buxton and scored 1 goal in 12 games - where would that put him in the all-time aggregate? Not at the bottom!! He left for Norwich City, not a bad destination. The mighty Fred is, obviously, another story. Hoping you can continue with your tea without further trauma !!
  12. Good Heavens, yes! Not one who will be hung in the Hall of Fame, though. He roamed the turf with one or two other curiosities, such as Fred McIver. It was in the Southend Survival season, by which time I think both had departed. He was quite local, I think -if not Yorkshire, at least Derbyshire.
  13. Started off assuming it would be in Liverpool, but as soon as he came outside I shouted out "That looks like the Lansdowne!" Then the tram stop was a dead giveaway. I wouldn't have guessed the pub, though it was clearly not a Spoons - his bar bill would have been much higher.
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