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  1. Looking for advice, anyone?
  2. Nekatom

    Veritas 8 Burglar alarm advice

    Just put a new panel on
  3. Anywhere outside to watch England match on Satuday?
  4. Nekatom

    Wireless printer

    Hello. Thanks for the replies. Thats how my Epson xp 205 has died, i updated the firmware now it tells me i've not got Epson ink and thats it. Think i'm ready for a new one anyway. Looking at the XP -422 but it has some poor reviews on Amazon
  5. Nekatom

    Wireless printer

    Hello. Looking at getting a new wireless printer. Any recommendations. Need one that takes cheaper ink the price of original is ridiculous.
  6. Nekatom

    Do electricians not want work?

    Minimum i charge is £25 a little less for Oaps.
  7. Nekatom

    Do electricians not want work?

    I do domestic work yes it can be a ballache but i find it pays really well. Hardest part is quoting, it only comes with experience. These no show tradesman have probably quoted too low to get the job and then later realise they are not going to make any money.
  8. Wombwell and Hemingfield would fit the bill
  9. Nekatom

    Best Chinese in centre

    Could'nt get in Hui wei, electrical problem so its been closed. Ended up going to Noodle Doodle on Trippet lane. Really nice, could'nt fault.
  10. Nekatom

    A Theft Epidemic Is With Us.

    Our local cricket club was broken into last night, vans done every weekend
  11. Nekatom

    Best Chinese in centre

    Only 4 of us Derby, which is best food?
  12. Nekatom

    Best Chinese in centre

    Thanks for replies. Not keen on Wong Ting. Going to try Huiwei
  13. Any recent Restaurant visits. Needs to be a nice setting as its a belated works do, so no cafe style. Recommendations please.
  14. Nekatom

    Fan of The Velvet Underground?

    Sounds good whats the date?

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