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  1. I had an accident there once going round there to go straight up Hoyle street, even though the TP was in the wrong lane to go back round onto penistone road I got blamed to, 50/50 settlement even though he went into me, if only I'd had a dash cam.
  2. I am trying to get some reviews on google for my dog Walking business from my clients but they can't for some reason, they click on the stars but t that's as far as they get, what do I need to do, anyone know?
  3. Such a shame and she's lived there all that time. He ought to get a warning and court proceedings if he doesn't follow orders to tidy up his property. He will continue to be stubborn though even if this happens, I'm so sorry this is happening, this is the world today though, people just don't care anymore. I'm sick of litter and fly tipping all over the place, it's so unnecessary.
  4. Does your mother in law own the property or renting? The man next door sounds like a stubborn one and will probably stick to his guns. Environmental health should have authority to get this man to sort his garden out as its clearly a health hazard especially if rats are getting into your mum in laws home, the urine for one is awful stuff to breathe in. We had rats under our floorboards this year and had council out to sort it. Maybe if you get them in for her house and they can put stuff in her garden which might attract them if there's another food source but of course this will be bait.
  5. Ok Im totally rubbish with this so need a hand, in dummy terms, just set up a free hashtag with twitter but want to attach my gofundme campaign to it, can i do this?
  6. Hi, I offer dog walking, doggy daycare, pet sitting this includes looking after small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits. I have my my own dog Molly who is a 7 year old cocker spaniel so I'm used to dogs, I used to have a Westie, have over 15 years experience now. I am registered with Tailster.com and Pawshake. If you require any of the services I provide then please visit my profile page via link tailster.me/wags, or visit Pawshake and search via Sheffield, my service is called Jill's Waggy Walks.
  7. It's 8/500 strength, with naproxen, I'm going to try docs again today, the GP that wasn't interested was NGH GP services, he did tell me to contact my own doctor should I need any more help which is what I shall do, could do with muscle relaxants or something
  8. Hello, I'm currently suffering with pretty bad lower back pain, brought on by my job I think, amongst other things, life, age etc. This is the third time this has happened now since December which was the first time. I ended up in a&e the other day because it was so bad I didn't know what to do for the best. They sent me to their GP services who gave me anti inflammatories, cocodamols and told me the muscles were in spasm. This is the worst I've been, I can barely walk, it's very scary as last night I managed to get in bed and did sleep for a bit until I woke needing the loo. I was even stiffer the pain was so intense I was sick from the pain. I'm booked in for a deep tissue massage but not while Tuesday next week. I have had chiropractic treatments which seemed to be working but now I've got to start all over again. What I want to know is is it normal to be in such pain for a pulled muscle. I'm just scared cos the chiropractor said I had a tilted pelvis where my hip is higher on my right side and my spine was sorted of bending over to the right in a weird shape. Mentioned this to GP but he wasn't interested. How do I get a scan to see what's actually happening?
  9. Can anyone recommend any classes in S5 please
  10. Pentagon Vauxhall on Savile Street really good, had 2 cars from there in 3 years, 5 years 0 % interest and they have events every so often if you want a newer car
  11. 52 bus, get off outside Weston park hospital then go down side of hospital, Charles Clifford is behind, but a taxi would be easier for you
  12. The said bin has yet another bag of rubbish next to it now, saw a neighbour who is also fed up of bags being left, apparently some woman round the corner sends her daughter with the bags and the latest one is full of plastic bottles and other stuff which she promptly swung round and flung it to the floor, what is that teaching a child, that this is acceptable!!!!
  13. I actually reported the bin via the council website, didn't even know if it had registered cos when you get to the end and click report no message comes up saying thank you or whatever, but it must have worked cos they emptied it earlier this morning, result!
  14. It is not a large bin just the ones they have at bus stops, not meant for household waste, I wish I knew who keeps putting rubbish bags there, they do it a lot and there's also one on the corner or the road that they sometimes put bigger items next to. People just don't care
  15. Anyone know how often they are supposed to be emptied. There is one at a bus stop where I live and someone keeps leaving bags for life next to it, two of which we shifted and put in our own wheelie bin cos bags get ripped open and thrown around etc. Same person has put yet another next to the bin, the said bin is now full, hasn't been emptied for a few days and it absolutely stinks with it being so hot, the smell is wafting right under our noses now making me feel sick. Thought about ringing council, but what good would that do.
  16. Just driving home and going through lights onto Prince of Wales road, line of traffic going through but couldn't get cos someone had gone through lights on Prince of Wales road and got stuck in between, I was turning right so had to watch out for oncoming traffic, someone shouted watch out four eyes, oh I haven't heard that one before!! other drivers were yelling and swearing at the stuck car, why have people got to be so nasty!!!
  17. That's awful, I hope they find the utter piece of crap who did this, i hope karma finds you you disgusting evil piece of filth!!!!!!
  18. Hello, our house is an end terraced and our neighbour immediately next door says his downstairs toilet is backed up and might need access to our storm drain when someone comes out to have a look to see if there's a blockage, our downstairs toilet is fine but the drain where the kitchen sink empties into is also blocked. We can't get the draincover up ourselves to have a look as just had imprinted concrete done and is awkward to get up with our lack of tools. Surely our loo would be backed up too if the problem was in our drain, or would it?
  19. I've just started the car using my spare key that isn't remote control but I tried it the other day and it wouldn't start so I don't know, taking it to garage on weds to see what problem is
  20. I tried the other day when it wouldn't start and it didn't work, can't do anything at the moment anyway cos getting our imprinted concrete drive sealed and can't get out to do anything yet
  21. I have a key code written in my log book, I do have a spare key too
  22. The red light flashes before I put key in, goes off when I take the steering lock off and try to start car, the little light with car with lock through is on, I sound really useless don't I lol
  23. Well I can't afford anything like that, it could be the battery I suppose, but radio and lights come on, would they if it was a battery issue?
  24. How do I do that, I'm not technically minded lol
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