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  1. i think its just been taken over by a new family, they used to have one down the road and their pizza's were superb, so assume will be good at the new location too, ordering tonight so will let you know. Found this thread looking for the phone number! Ha ha
  2. 50p a pallet would get be a couple of jars at the local and save me disposing of them, if have to go for nothing so be it.
  3. the practices of some big pharma is disgusting full stop. Buying up small enterprising copanes who strive to push forward the boundaries of medicine, just to shelve their potential cures in favour of putting out their own preventative medicines, makes me sick! I don't believe cannabi should be legal in this country as have witnessed some pretty horrific side effects! But surely if the active chemicals in cannabi exist they can be obtained without the high, i doubt many people would be campaigning for legal weed if it was all thc friendly tho! I know life should be our own to live, but in the case of weed i think the negatives far outweigh the pro's especially in the hands of teenagers, seeing the mental health issues it caused in a family friend i pray my son doesn't start till he's in his 20 as a minimum, hopefully never at all. Just my opinion.
  4. more importantly you need to check his SENT messages. He cant stop people sending him stuff, easily, but if he is sending text out of a similar you probably have a problem. If all conveniently deleted again seems like a prob. I don't delete texts regular so image most others without things to hide don't either.
  5. I have approx x10 wooden pallets of varying design i'd like collecting from site (in one go) but ant find anyone on google/yell etc to do it. Does anyone have a contact? Be nice if a got a few quid for em too!? Thank
  6. so for domestic purposes could they be used with the nails in? I always just assumed ash goes into a hopper or something and tye nails would drop in too?
  7. i just placed an advert in the 'stuff for free' area of a load of floorboards for use with a wood burner. But its just occurs to me that they might nit actually be suita for such applications. They are unpainted pine which i suspect would be fine but have lots of nails. Of used with a wood burner would these need removing first, or could they just be broken up and burned and the nails sink to the bottom of the ash tray? Thanks
  8. Need a Digger and man to dig a foundation trench ASAP, move some stuff around and break up some old foundations (so need a hammer attachment). A days work. Anyone know anyone trusted and reliable? I'm in S6
  9. Erm, no I didn't. EMBARRASSED POST RANT FACE!!!!
  10. what a load of crap! I work bloody hard to afford the house i have, i'm not rich and i'm certainly not selfish, but i should have the right to work hard and enjoy the house i want to spend that hard seemed on without being penalized by this ridiculous government. My old house was a terrace in hillsborough that had 5 bedrooms because or a loft conversion, not a mansion. The government should ge targeting all the people in this back to front country who are taking everything they can for nothing, abusing social safety nets, making civil servant organisations efficient machines as the private industry does, there are so many ways of saving wasted money in this country maybe they should try that first before penalizing those who work hard for what they have because its the easy option.
  11. prices will keep going up till people stop buying it, what other reason do they have not to put it up further? They got us over a barrel! ARF!!
  12. Can anyone tell me the name or contact details for the Sheffield electricity board? or whatever or whoever its now run by? I was told it maybe northern electric but haven't found them yet. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks all
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