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  1. Common Sence and SYPTE never go hand in hand Just look at the mess they did with running the Tram
  2. Yes but the tram was planned to stop near Millhouses Park & Ride ( A621 ) and then near Heeley Bridge ( A61 ) so this would give the option of people using the tram People could go to the moon quicker then driving through Woodseats The tram in the old days ( pre October 1960 closure ) did go from the Manor down Prince Of Wales Road , you could have a Meadowhall - Lowedges service via Manor Top & Meadowhead , this would replace the long gone 2/59 outer circle bus service
  3. Ive always said that the tram Must be extended from Herdings Park to Low Edges via Meadowhead , a massive park and ride could be built at Meadowhead with a bus interchange, people then have the option of buying a ticket to park their car and travel on either bus or tram into the city. This would then hopfully ease the " Woodseats Traffic System " of traffic ( Snigger )
  4. This reminds me of the classic " Totley Bus Turning Circle " farce , where the residents of Totley were upset when the 97 was in trouble of been homeless due to the turning circle outside the pub been withdrawn by the owners, they moaned then and still moaned when they built the new turning circle 1/4 mile up the road because the road had new streetlights put up
  5. If your on Facebook ? then http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldvictoriastation has a load of pictures before and after closure of the station on the 5th Jan 1970
  6. "46% of the vote opted for a change to the system. A petition of 24 retailers was also received showing their support for the current approach to stay in place." A Large amount of that 46% would have been Bus Drivers voting What the hell are 24 retailers complaining for ?
  7. On tonight's Look North they reveal the "white elephant" park and ride scheme in Doncaster which cost £16m and is only used by 160 cars a day. How many people use the Park And Rides around Sheffield and if you could pick a new location for one where would you like it ? As it has been said on this subject before " Meadowhead " is screaming out for a park and ride but only if the tram was extended from Herdings Park.
  8. Thats more like the actions of First
  9. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=730669&highlight=brook+hill
  10. As you point out " These are quite easy to fix " which is a plus We have moved on a bit from the fluorescent tubes in the white arrows and I guess all fixtures would be L.E.D lights. As i said Woodseats would be made a 3 lane road , out of peak hours 7am-930am & 3pm-7pm one of the lanes would show a letter "P" this would mean you could park in that lane
  11. I know of a a few other area that have tidal flow and those are for road for higer speed , here were talking about a 30mph built up area. In the years the " Heeley " tidal flow have been up and running ( Must be 30 years + ? ) I have never seen it broken and the only maintenance is changing of the bulbs in the white arrows
  12. Ah the great Woodseats traffic debate , god how we have missed you As ive said before there are a number of problems that causes more delays now. The issues of the new parking bays has caused more problems than ever, before the road was wide enough so that 2 lanes of traffic could filter from Abbey Lane upto around the junction with the Dale , this means that the buses could squeeze up the left hand side in the morning peak where now they have to stand in the traffic , it was interesting that the Star reported a bit ago that planners did not consider an option like the arrows and crosses used by the Heeley Traffic Flow. The other problems are the number of side roads that come onto Woodseats , it would be better if a number of them were closed off or made one way streets so traffic flow came down 1 or 2 main ones.
  13. I do most of my Shopping in Chesterfield , everything you want all in one main location , nice cheap easy parking
  14. He was in Sheffield today ( Friday 13th;) ) however 1 day late for the BBC Question Time show
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