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  1. Want to experience a new sport? Love ice hockey but don't have the equipment? Why not try ball hockey with the Sheffield knights Friday nights, 9-30 till 10-30. Over 14s, all ability levels from beginners to experienced welcomed Any questions pm or comment Thank you for reading ---------- Post added 19-06-2015 at 17:54 ---------- First sessions free! ---------- Post added 19-06-2015 at 17:54 ---------- First sessions free
  2. Hello there Sheffield Storm is a Dek Hockey team What is Dek Hockey? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_hockey is a good definition for you. We play in the only league in the UK, the Midlands League, which comprises 7 teams as well as entering National competitions which are mainly played in Sheffield. We train on wednesday nights at Simply Skate Arena also known as Virtual Ice, Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham, and are always looking for new players. Equipment used by players is very minimal, compared to Ice Hockey, with shin-pads, personal protection, and a stick the bare minimal people need to take part (everything else is optional) If you want further information about the Sheffield Storm, please don't hesitate to leave a message on here or pm me ! link to our fb page: http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldstorm Danny
  3. seems to me that ''alen65'' is about 13 ? and a bit LETS GO SCIMS !!!!
  4. Sheffield Storm is a Gym Hockey team that trains and plays at virtual ice in rotherham Gym hockey is like ice hockey but played in a gymnasium or in a roller rink, Gym hockey has all the passing and team work of ice hockey but There is no contact (no checking) if you would like more info pm me danny
  5. Sheffield Scimitars play at Ice Sheffield iceSheffield Coleridge Road Sheffield S9 5DA Faceoff: 5:30pm Ticket prices are: Adult : £8.50 U16 : £4.00 Concessions : £6.00 Family (2A+2C) : £20.00 Tickets can be purchased in person in advance from iceSheffield reception or on the door, when we strongly advise you to arrive 30 minutes before face-off to avoid disappointment There is also a bar for the intervals and food will be available Parking is free!
  6. Face-off will be at 7:30pm and general admission is £2.00 (no concessions) payable on the door at Ice Sheffield Free parking
  7. Faceoff: 5:30pm Tickets: Ice Sheffield Reception Adult £8.50 Concessions £6.00 Child £4.00 Family (2A+2C) : £20.00 The Sheffield Scimitars Will Be Playing In Ice Sheffield iceSheffield Coleridge Road Sheffield S9 5DA There is also a bar for the intervals. and the parking is free! If you need any more info post Hope to see you there Danny
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