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  1. I am part of the Oxford covid trial in Sheffield and have registered 11 home covid tests over the last 11 weeks. Suddenly today it wont allow me to register my test and keeps taking me to the Gov website to order a home test. Is anyone else having problems registering their home test? The site I am using is www.test-for-coronavirus.service.gov.uk Thanks
  2. Thank you. I pass Harrison's daily on way to work so will pop in. Thanks for your advice DeZeus
  3. Hi DeZeus Im not the best when it comes to tech stuff. If you remember a VCR tape then its a mini version of one of those that was in a camcorder. It has family stuff on and i would like this transferring to a CD/Disk so i can look at it on my laptop. Hope this explains? Thanks
  4. Hi i have an old 1990's mini camcorder VCR tape and want it putting onto a disk. Does anyone know where i can get this done in Sheffield or S. Yorkshire. Thank you
  5. Hi i have an old 1990's mini camcorder VCR tape and want it putting onto a disk. Does anyone know where i can get this done in Sheffield or S. Yorkshire. Thank you
  6. Thanks, yes it did look industrial, down to a red brick level that looked like an old floor but some people were clearing very small areas with small pallet knife instruments and brushes more akin to when a skeleton is found. Looked interesting though.
  7. Walked past some cleared building land at the back of Decathlon today. Looked like there was an archaeological dig happening. Does anyone know if this is the case and what are they finding or looking for? Thanks
  8. Hi, my 22 year old daughter has an 8 week old baby. She lives between Hillsborough and Stannington area. Does any one know of a new mums group in this area that she can walk to? She has said that she is feeling quite lonely at the moment so just trying to help. She does struggle to make new friends and can get anxious. Thanks you
  9. Hi Im driving to East Midlands Airport during early hours of Friday 21/09/18. Does anyone know of the roadworks and possible diversions? Thank you
  10. Hi, although not for a classic car i was wondering if someone could help with access to, and use of someones car inspection ramp or inspection pit. Want to do some work under the car. Thanks
  11. Most heroin addicts that I've spoken to say that the 'rattle' from Methadone is worse than from the drug itself. I've worked in this field for a number of years (over 12) and can count on one hand the people i know who have successfully beaten it. Brilliant for Apelike. Nice one
  12. Hi does anyone use the Shared Lives Scheme? I'm particularly interested what Sheffield City Council have done for you with regards to assessment or support for Carers within the Shared Lives Scheme. Any help would be great. Thank you
  13. All salad potatoes, Lady Chrystal, International Kidney and Charlotte
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