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  1. It looks wrong in the UK and is a statement of anti-British hostility by the enemy in our midst. That should be enough.
  2. The daft bit is a matter of personal perspective - those of us who support hunting have very different views on who may or may not be typing 'daft' things. A dog nip is torture now is it? I do love the way lefties drama-queen things in such a wonderfully colourful way.
  3. I don't have a problem with that, how do you deal with it?
  4. No, I mean greatly expanded state controls, grossly wasteful expansion of public sector and increased taxation on the hardest working while making the welfare state a scroungers' charter.
  5. Oh dear, you're drama-queening now. Who spoke of execution? I just like the idea of a bunch of unwashed lentil-eaters with nose piercings getting a few good nips from some dogs.
  6. The joke it is that even their own voters don't see it (hardly surprising I suppose). Just look at what they've done between them - all socialist changes to the UK.
  7. So you don't think that opposition to Islamism is based on what Islamists stand for?
  8. No, it was state-approved "Paddy bashing"
  9. It's only a shame the hounds can't be set on the sabs.
  10. Ask a Policeman - I know quite a few, and they will tell you that immigrants' cars are a big problem area for insurance. Really? Please elaborate. And where/how was that explained? Does it compare with these figures?http://www.express.co.uk/ourcomments/view/138069 "When the Tories left office net immigration was running at a manageable 60,000 a year. Under Labour it has quadrupled to 240,000. " And you call that a trickle???? Far from it - do try to get with the programme. the figures quoted shoed that violent crime, robbery and drug crime are all UP. What lies, and what racism? Do please be specific.
  11. When did you last drive through a flithy immigrant-populated area of a British city? Or do you choose not to admit what you saw? Just in my head, and the heads of millions who feel outrage at the liberties taken by Muslims who claim discrimination through tribunals when they insist on wearng their primitive garb to the detriment of their employers' businesses. No, I wish to see British culture preserved rather than drowned out by the hordes of immigrants who are polluting it in unprecedented numbers.
  12. No, it's quite straighforward. On one end you have fascists, on the other socialists - right now we have a socialist government which to many people is abhorrent. Should public servants be forbidden from voting for an extreme left-wing socialist organisation like Labour? If they should not be allowed to vote for a fascist organisation, then socialist parties should also be forbidden. Both are extremes. Socialist governments in this world have been guilty of far, far more and worse atrocities than fascists. Whether BNP, Labour or Tory, legitimate UK political parties are exactly that. Fascism is only a bad thing in the view of left-wingers who hold the deluded belief that their own extremism is 'normal'.
  13. That's the sort of thing I'd have done to wind up the lefty no-hopers who are good enough to get under horses' hooves.
  14. So I'll ask you a third time for the information you are unwilling to discuss: how is our national debt now compared to when Labour came to power?
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