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  1. Did anyone receive a Red Copper 5 minute Chef for Christmas? Would you recommend it? What kind of recipes do you use it for? I was wondering if it would be worth spending £40 on one.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'm going to check out some of these as I'd never heard of them before and, probably unsurprisingly, the Jobcentre never comes up with any of this type of information. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Yes, the Dummies books are good but these days, I pick things up better if I am actually doing specific exercises in whichever application it is. Just reading things like "press this key, select that, press enter" and so on, just doesn't stick in my memory any more. Plus the fact that my pc is quite old and I'm unable to afford anything more up to date with better spec, which is why I was looking at actual courses. It would be handy if I could get a kind of placement within a company for a few weeks, at no cost to the Employer, but in return for being taught the latest edition of MS Office. However, I very much doubt the Jobcentre would approve and would stop my JSA.
  4. My MS Office skills are out of date. I've been looking at various online courses, which vary from a couple of hundred pounds to almost two thousand pounds which I can't really afford at the moment. Can anyone recommend a cheap course that isn't just an online book. I need to be able to actually do the exercises rather than just read about them. I've had several books from the library but the screenshots are too small to be able to read easily.
  5. Previous posts seem to be over a decade old. Has anyone been paid for online surveys? Is it worth doing? I'm interested in it as a supplement to the day job. Anything helps these days but if it means spending hours online for pence then I'll forget about it.
  6. Can someone please tell me how to exit a command and get my cursor back to the normal arrow. Scenario:- On an open photo I have used the rectangle tool to select an area. I then selected photobucket command, selected a colour and applied to area. Now, how the heck do I exit the live photobucket command as I can't get rid of the little photobucket icon cursor. I've tried select, deselect which gets rid of the 'walking ants' around the area and I've tried the esc button without success. I've right clicked the mouse to see if there's an option but no. I've hit the photobucket button in the hope that it would toggle off, but no such luck. I've trawled youtube and found some fab tutorials but none of them solve this problem for me. Grrr! Please help. :rant: UPDATE: 16/07/19: Sorry I'm late getting back to you all but had a major problem on my laptop and had to do an O.S. Restore and then had to reinstall stuff. Thanks for all your suggestions but none of them actually did anything (I'm probably looking in the wrong areas). Kept looking at tutorials on Youtube for PSE15 and it seems you just go from one command to another, so have been managing that way. My laptop went haywire after an update, so not looking forward to my desktop computer updating this morning as it is the Windows 10 update. Beginning tow ish I lived on a desert island with no techology but, hey ho, got to try and move forward. Thanks again Guys.
  7. I've had Plusnet fibre broadband around 5 months. I always seem to have problems emailing photos. It says each file can't be more than 7mb and the ones I've tried to send are usually around 3-4mb each (usually 3 photos per email). Only occasionally does one actually arrive with the recipient, mostly it will say that it failed but even when it says sent successfully the attachment doesn't always get there. I had online chat with a Plusnet op who was not very knowledgeable and answered a lot of my questions with just 'No' or 'I'll ask someone'. He did say that they have an 'ongoing' problem with email. When I asked if I would get a reduction in my monthly cost, he said 'No because email is perk'. Has any other Plusnet users had this problem and, if so, how did you get around this?
  8. I was under the impression that inkjet printers use dye based inks in small format and giclee uses pigment based inks on large format printers and that pigment based inks were less likely to fade if placed in direct light.
  9. I'm on a bit of a mission for my cousin. She is wanting black and white photos, taken around mid 50's to mid 60's of Bramhall Lane and Oak Street Heeley. Also a decent one of the Train Station of that time. She is wanting these to frame and have on her lounge wall. Any help would be appreciated. I have looked on quite a few historic photos websites so far. Thanks.
  10. I'd be happy if drivers bothered to use indicators. Countless times I've driven behind someone who goes for miles, turning left and right without ever using indicators. I must admit I very rarely use the horn. Mainly because I'm one of those boring old biddies that tend to stay within the speed limit so are able to brake before needing to sound the horn. Either that or I'm too busy cursing people who don't indicate.
  11. Hi, can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced, printers that can do giclee printing up to A2 size?
  12. The tabloids don't help either. They seem hell bent on stirring up tensions between the young and old, the rich and poor, the well educated and the not so well educated because it sells newspapers. I'm sure all of those mentioned have something good to offer but I guess everyone needs to get things off their chests, to rant and rave and at some point, maybe two or three months time, we might actually roll our sleeves up and get on with it. The referendum itself turned into something dark and nasty. Let's not carry that forward.
  13. Any petition with over 100,000 signatures has to be mentioned in parliament. It doesn't mean that they accept it, or act on it. I once signed a petition and then got inundated on my email with other petitions. They must receive thousands each week. They'd rather stand there insulting each other than look at how the electorate feel about different issues.
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