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  1. The training foundry at Sheffield Hallam is really good http://www3.shu.ac.uk/TrainingFoundry/training-course.cfm?Course_ID=pscs4i
  2. Sorry if I've missed threads elsewhere on here, but can anyone tell me if this is open yet? I can't find any websites.. thank you
  3. cheers for the replies, a lot to think about! claire
  4. ..if i could twist their arm i would do though! hui wei is lovely!
  5. silversmiths is lovely but can only seat approx 50. not sure about Chinese food as quite a few family members aren't keen....
  6. thanks I'll look into that. I know the Whig and Pen shut down and didn't realise there were other places around there
  7. I'm getting married in May at the upper chapel in Sheffield and we're having trouble finding a restaurant that can provide a room for 80 guests to have a meal. We don't mind what kind of food it is, as long as it's nice and within walking distance of the chapel. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. We're going to try out Platillos as they have a 90 seater room, and have enquired at the Runaway Girl and Cafe Rouge but they can't seat 80... thanks! edit: should probably mention, this is just for a sit down meal, we've booked a venue for a party in the evening
  8. does anyone know what day the annual SWD firework display is happening this year on Heeley Bank Road. I live next-door and plan on having a few friends round as the fireworks are usually excellent! thanks
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