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  1. But those rules are not exclusive to religions, are they? John X
  2. Just as well then, because the BNP has the WORST record of any political party when it comes to council meeting attendance. The problem the BNP had when it had its 'success', was that very few of their candidates expected to get any more than the usual handful of votes. When some of them actually won seats, they had absolutely no idea what was involved in being a councilor. The biggest problem they had is that most of their new councilors didn't really understand the everyday business of a council meeting and just got bored, leading to increasingly bigger gaps between meetings until some of them just stopped going altogether. An appalling abuse of democracy! John X
  3. My dad took a heart attack when he was giving me a lift to school. I drove him to casualty, no insurance, license or anything. If I'd been stopped (which I wouldn't have taken any notice of anyway) I guess they'd have either let me go or more likely, given me an escort or took my dad to hospital in the cop car. Mind you, I did then drive to school in my dad's car. The ambulance people told me to shift it as it was blocking the emergency entrance and I didn't want to just leave the car outside the hospital! John X
  4. Now you're just talking rubbish. Do you have anything useful to contribute to this thread? John X
  5. No, they are controlled by a set of rules, some of which we understand and many of which we don't. But we know more every day. John X
  6. Eventually it has to. When that will be I don't know. Religion in any kind of organised form has been around for a few thousand years. The age of enlightenment is only 250 years old. I guess religion will go when we as a species have a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. Religion only exists as an surrogate answer to the question 'what happens when we die?' No other part of the animal kingdom believes in the afterlife as they have no meaningful concept of death (not even those wonderful creatures we call elephants!) and therefore have no need for an explanation. Once that 'useful' construct no longer has a role it will gradually disappear. Some may hold on out of some form of sentimentality but that won't survive more than a couple of generations especially as it will then be seen in a historical context rather than a contemporary one and that context will be a largely very negative one. John X
  7. of course I do. How would I get my feet into them! Have you ever broken a bone? John X
  8. But you could say the same about someone who packs in alcohol and takes up heroin. It's an improvement but still not good. John X
  9. BNP councilors have an appalling record, mainly of poor attendance. John X
  10. If maza87's ex is the policy holder and maza is a named driver, then the insurance company has a contract with him. If he then contacts the company and has maza's name removed from the cover, they may send him something to confirm that the schedule has been altered but as a third party they are under no obligation to inform maza of the change. They would assume that he would tell her directly. It doesn't absolve her of her obligation to ensure she has the correct cover before driving the car. However, if it can be proven that he knew she was driving the car after he had cancelled the insurance, he can then be prosecuted, possibly for concern with (involved with) a driving without insurance offence. John X
  11. You do know that Catholic priests told parishoners to vote 'No' the Sunday before the divorce referendum was held in Ireland? John X
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