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  1. many thanks for the replies, my mum will be in touch.
  2. Hi I am looking to renovate a bathroom in S11, It is a small terrace bathroom. After a little bit of advice +/- quotes. How long does it take? My tenants are away for 5 days in feb, is that a reasonable timeframe to do it in? Am I better so buy the things myself from wickes or something and have someone fit or have them fit and supply? It will need a shower-bath, toilet and sink as well as new tiling and new flooring, I am not looking for a high-end bathroom just a functional one that looks half-decent!! (ie without a cigarette burn in the bath!!) what sort of price am I looking at (ballpark figure) and is anyone interested in this work, ps, i cant call you I am in Canada but can discuss via PM and payment etc is easy as my mum is in sheff thanks, marie-clare
  3. Hi I got married at Woodlane countryside centre and I can highly recomend the following Venue- woodlane countryside center-great for a DIY wedding Chair covers- http://www.celebritycreations.co.uk The owner Princess bent over backwards to help us and was very tolerant of my last minute panicking!!, The covers were lovely and were self tie so fit any chair nearly, great price too! Photographer-www.photography08.co.uk some of my pics are on there (short spotty dress with pink petti) Makeup- fayedean- she advertises on here, so do a search! MC
  4. hi i need bridal makeup for this saturday 11 am in nether edge. please e-mail me with your price and contact details at mizzydink@yahoo.co.uk
  5. you could try light in a box...google it, a chinese shop,makes them to measure , not used it myself but it has good reviews and is well priced
  6. yep....i am.... but unfortunately i still have a car to sell , a kitchen renovation to finish and am working til 9.30 tonight. not to mention packing my bags, moving my stuff out of my house and a million other things to do...before i leave the country for a year or 2 on thurs.....only booked flight last week though arggghhhhh i'll give it 6 hrs or so probably leave at 6ish...theres always another flight i suppose!!!!
  7. hi does anyone do this route regularly or have done it before flight leaves at 1.30pm thurs....latest check in 12.30 but got to drop hire car off and get from arrivals to departures. staying over the night befopre isn't an option! anyone know how long it might take?
  8. I am moving away soon and will be too far away to come back to sort out renting my house out when the current tennancy runs out. can mym mum do a contract witht the tennants even though it is soley in my name? do I have to do anything special to do this? cheers, mc oops i meant house not hose!!!!!!!!!
  9. any ideas where i can get a good job done in hunters bar/eccelsall or handsworth area? the cheaper the better!!
  10. Hi, I am looking for someone to come to the house to do my nail extensions and my friends french manicure and eyebrows on fri 25th preferably at about 5.30, also would like price for massage if you do it, i live in s11 and its to be ready for her wedding, ta mc
  11. i am looking to move out of the country for probably 6 months or so from sept. i cant decide whether to sell or rent my house. my mortgage is £750 and any rental income wouldn't cover that. also i'd have to do it with an agency which would cost. also when i get back i cant see me moving back into the same house so would be selling then anyway..and cant really imagine much price increase in the next 6 months on the otherhand might not be able to sell what would others do? ???????mc
  12. after a nice curry house for wed night that has offers on/decent buffet. in ranmoor / eccelsall rd /crookes / london rd / broomhill/town (last choice!) sort of areas much as i love a burngreve curry...its out of the running for this week thabkyou kindly peeps. marie-clare
  13. for 23rd of feb leaving very early (3.30ish) returning following sat at about 11. any quotes please pm me or e-mail mizzydink@yahoo.co.uk thankyou mc
  14. sometimes people tell me I think too highly of people and am too naive. I lost my purse on the way to the pub (before i'd had a drink!!) A terribly nice person found it, went through the phonebook and eventuall got my brothers number and returned it to him with the 65 pounds still in it. what is a reasonable reward to give him?- i've given him 20 pounds already but am worried this isn't enough- bottle of champagne,crate of beer, another 20 pounds....any advice I know I would have done the same but i'm just really glad that there are good honest people out there and its made my day.... BIG SMILES
  15. but really why does this matter?? surely life is too short to worry about what other people are posting??
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