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  1. Saxton Mee along with ALL the other estate agents in Sheffield are USELESS ! Could'nt organise a booze up in a brewery !
  2. Orient are surrounded by big teams. We are a small club that does well to survive in the UK capital city. In two years time we will having the Porn Twins and West Ham moving in the Olympic Stadium hardly a goal kick away from Brisbane Road. It could finish us. So much for Sheffield's Seb Coe's Olympic heritage community rubbish ! This Tranmere stuff is getting boring. Yeovil got promoted with a small squad. So its possible if team stay injury free. If I supported Sheffield United or Wednesday I would be getting very worried. ---------- Post added 16-11-2013 at 19:27 ---------- "both Sheffield clubs could go into the Isthmian League & we both still get better crowds than them" ....that's you problem.....
  3. Yea, Orient lost so what ? We'll be in the "mix" for promotion come April. I'm sure. United will be in the "mix" alright.... for relegation ! Last August I would have taken 2nd in the League four weeks from Christmas. Bet Utd fans would have as well ! But slight difference in both clubs. Orient are a well club, with a good and honest Chairman, who don't survive on hand outs from dodgy overseas investors. And our average gate is 4,500. What's yours 16,000 ? I'll be at Brisbane Road in 2 weeks to see "little" Leyton Orient play the once "mighty" Sheffield United. No offence but if you cant beat Gills you have very serious problems. PNE are a half decent third division outfit. PS. I believe the McCabe family made a nice few quid outta your Prince Charming !
  4. United and Wednesday going down ! Nalied on ! His royal highness must have been most upset today !
  5. Answer to this post, YES, Without doubt !!
  6. United need a manager who knows 3rd division football. Not another youth team manager or former player looking looking for a job.
  7. You ve forgot a former utd manager. Russ slade. Knows the 3rd div like the back of his hand and family lives in Scarborough . But would he be prepared to make a step back . Money talks .
  8. I'm from Leytonstone mate ! East London born and bred ! Jus like to chuck in a bit of "local" lingo. And for my sins I'm a Chezzie season ticket holder as well. Go as a carer for a disabled pal. We split cost of season ticket and works out at lees than £5 a game each. Get down to Brisbane Road when I can afford it. Love watching football and still play football at 63, but don't like what is happening to football in this country right now ! Feel sorry for you dedicated Sheffield football fans coz right now your getting taken for a ride by your clubs. ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 20:49 ---------- "On the other hand it is an improvement as your season is normally over by the end of September".........er not really dude..........we missed play offs by 3 points 2 years ago and 2 points last season after losing all 9 nine first games in both seasons due to injuries. Shame you didn't sign Kevin Lisbie few months back, believe he turned you down. Did'nt fancy a lesser club. No doubt you'll be sniffing around for Russ Slade in a few weeks. You could certainly do worse. But you gonna get Sven ! Nailed on ! lol ! ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 22:08 ---------- http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/the-great-foreign-takeover-english-premier-league-changing-hands-a-444999.html An interesting article about the type of overseas investors being attracted to british football. Worth a read.
  9. Hearn has put around £750,000 of his own money in Leyton Orient every year for the past 20 years. No Barry Hearn then their would be no Leyton Orient. Yea, he has put flats in the four corners of the ground. So what ? Orient survive on gates of less than 4,500. Every penny helps. Hearn also runs the club like a business and won't spend money the club don't have. The bloke from Saudi is just out to make a quick buck and you Sheffield fans deserve better. Their was a programme on Channel 4 some months ago about dodgy overseas investors coming into our game looking to buy up a big club and make a load of money. Who did the trail lead back to .........Kevin McCabe ! 'Nuff said !
  10. Bates sold out to overseas investors and made a killing. Look at what's happened to Pompey. The current Wednesday owner destroyed the club.
  11. It sickens me when these overseas speculators come into our game to be honest. his lordship or whatever he calls him sen ain't got the interest of Sheffield at heart, just get you in the championship, but that ain't gonna happen now, flog you off, just like Bates did at Leeds and make a nice few quid. it's all wrong and should be stopped. but it wont be stopped coz the FA are to weak.
  12. To wind u lot up ! Not hard is it ? BLades going down and Wednesday as well I reckon !
  13. Has the "Prince "got as much money as he makes out ? Starting to wonder.......coz he will need several million to sort out Utd ! I saw Carlisle few weeks back. They were poor to say to say the least. If Blades can't beat them then they got SERIOUS problems at Bramhall Lane...
  14. Come on down for a great nite of classic rock from The Blueflies. Simply superb ! £3 admission and great real ale and cheap bar ! Clowne Community Centre, 5 mins junction 30 M1 . 11 Finish sharp ! http://www.clownebluesclub.co.uk/ http://theblueflies.com/
  15. Check a band called "Doctor Peacock" from York. They are superb. Just google them. DP cover this area by the way.
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