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  1. I've got a group on Facebook called Sheffield specimen hunters, we welcome anglers of all levels and there's always advice, venue discussions and some funny topics, everyone is very helpful and its rare we have arguments, with over 600 members, there's always daily discussions and photos being shared, we also do raffles and meet up for socials, and usually plenty of bargains for sale, feel free to join
  2. That's the ones, the decoy cctv camera ducks, sneaky ens them
  3. Still day ticket, however they unfortunately got the khv virus last year and lost a lot of carp, including a 30lb fish, it has now opened back up with a with net dipping in force, there are still some nice fish in there, a couple more 30's, has for the bream/silvers they have more or less gone, I know my friends dad used to fish matches on there and he said there was some nice bream, this is a hard water to fish, I know it takes a lot of bait to get the carp going, think it's only £7 for 24hr now, due to the fish losses
  4. Bit too cold for cats pal, water temp 10° above is when they turn on usually, im not saying they cant be caught in cold, just very hard to do so Never heard of any in dam flask, Sally Walsh dam there's some big ens
  5. Aston would be best local, ponds same size as a bath tho, if you got facebook join a group called sheffield specimen hunters, get plenty of information and a good set of lads
  6. I've caught some net curtains and a full white plastic patio table, still with legs on it in Sheffield canal lol
  7. Why not join Sheffield specimen hunters group on Facebook, everyone welcome, not just people who target specimens, we've got match anglers, predator anglers, new and advanced, there's also tips, and chat chat goin on and plenty of pics of catches, which get uploaded straight to instagram so the world can see your catches Look foward to seeing new members
  8. A place in east yorkshire, me n mi dad had 34 carp between us in 24 hr
  9. was using them a couple of week ago, once the carp started feeding on them it was none stop, i noticed that they wer all bigger fish than the ones i was catching with boilie on other rod aswel
  10. I got told that a flock of duck/heron/comerant species moved onto the pond and destroyed all the small fish and only the tench and carp avoided bein eaten, I can't remember the name of the bird, its not a cross of all three just to clarify lol
  11. That guy at market knows nowt about fishing, tried telling me a avanti rod was worth £150, think there someone on here selling a cheap whip, be perfect to start off with
  12. i use shimano beastmaster 1600, ive tammed some good carp on it
  13. i used to have a cotton eared marmoset and they are wonderful intelligent creatures, but not good pets. they need your full time and attention everyday and its like having a child, but a child who will spray their scent when and wherever, bite it they dont get their own way, screach the house down if left in a room on their own. the idea of having one of these small monkeys seems fantastic but they are a very wild animal, even captive breed ones like what i had are such a big commitment. if you can dedicate your time to one of these demanding animals, for the next 20+ years then go for it as there are good points about them aswel, but this i like adoption not just owning a pet. if u need anymore info if u get one i will b happy to help
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