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  1. The viewing room in the kommune (old co-op) is worth a look. Not sure it’s open at the moment check it out on Facebook.
  2. I was given the call centre number 0114 2268000 for radiology appointments. i need one but there wasn’t one available so I would let them know if you can so someone else can take yours.
  3. Steel city wanderers are based at high green if you’re near the north of sheffield check out their Facebook page.
  4. I got there one morning at 10.40am thinking it opened at 11 but it was 12. I wasn’t going to wait but it was a lovely day so I did. It was really good. Very impressed. Glad I went. I personally think that it should have been on for much longer considering he started work on it in October. It would be great if he auctioned it off for Charity. I would love to own a piece of it.
  5. Hi i might be able to help. i will see if I can speak to/ message the guy who does the area and see if he has any left. Private Message me later tonight.
  6. I’ve just had a look on google earth and it’s much better than was there before. Also it was industrial usage before and now it houses 2 families. What’s not to like? With the lack of homes for people these days it’s been an improvement on the previous usage so why would it have not got planning permission? The fact that we all have different likes and dislikes on what we would like our own homes to look like shouldn’t factor in this sort of decision. If rules were adhered to then what’s the issue?
  7. Apologies if that’s correct but I was going on the assumption that as this thread was started a year ago and the exact location was stated from the start, that Oughtibridge was mentioned. It has been well known in the area about this project but I understand that if it wasn’t stated where in Sheffield that it was, then it was only Sheffield that gained publicity and attention.
  8. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If they love it, then it’s all been worthwhile. I think they will be there for a quite few years as this seemed to be a real labour of love. It doesn’t really stand out when you drive up or down Church Street but maybe you get a different perspective if you live in oughtibridge. I personally think that it’s a great build with so much more scope to improve upon if you had enough money. I certainly would love to own it. They should be really proud of the attention and publicity they have brought to Oughtibridge and Sheffield. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think it’s time to let them get on with enjoying their new homes and I wish them good luck.
  9. Try the Sheffield honey company can be contacted via their Facebook.
  10. We had no internet from the end of last week till yesterday. S6 area and on Virgin.
  11. A train to Skegness.then a bus or taxi to mablethorpe. More expensive but quicker.
  12. What was the Paces car boot like today? Unfortunately I couldn't make it. Was it the last of the season?
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