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  1. I have my own belkin router in s35 but talk talk say I should use theirs as its compatible and they would sort out the problem quicker
  2. yes having to use the ethernet cable to get online. Talk Talk are cheap but very tempremental. Just have to keep pestering them. Good Luck with it.
  3. Voluntary Action Sheffield also your local library or citizens advice will have volunteer vacancies. Try Sheffield teaching hospitals. Im sure with your experience they would welcome you. Just wondered about the deaf school in Norfolk Park give them a ring think its called Talbot School.
  4. I fully understand what you are saying. Pity they don't have Park Keepers anymore which would stop a lot of vandalism and mindless antics from certain youths. Not all teenagers are hoodlams but sometimes when they are with their peers all common sense and thoughtfulness goes out of their brains!
  5. research the job and make sure your questions are relevant with the job spec
  6. Think that just about goes for every community jobs.... also prisoners should be made to work too hard labour!
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