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  1. Tony Dobson as far as I can remember never worked in the driving school he moved up from inspecting to the Disciplinary Office followed by Pete Voice, Tony then moved over to become the manager at Rotherham until he retired, I am not 100% on that but it's the best you're getting !!!!!!!
  2. I too went to St Columbus about 1960-63 I remember the Saturday Dances and one of the band was on Come Dancing in a Latin American formation dance team, Dog Robson, Lyne Simpson, Wendy Barker, Janet Flood, Doug Mountain, Jack Selwood, Trevor Hoskins to name but a few, we had some good times there, Norman Beatson was the Leader.I also playedfor the football team at that time.
  3. When we used to work the old No. 5 bus route from Southey Green to Attercliffe it was a welcome oasis for us, sadly the walk to the toilet was a little longer.
  4. Thanks for that Mr Pops over 400 views and you were the first to spot my deliberate mistake !!!!!!!!!!!! it should have read 2014
  5. Thanks for that wagginfinger now I've remembered his surname which was Warburton, a small fellow who always seemed to be wearing a scarf, was on part days and used to train probationer conductors, he also had a B.M.W. motor bike.
  6. I bumped into Bob Hallam the other day and he said he was organising another re-union for ex- Herries Road Bus people which would be held at the 'Jubilee Sports Club' Claywheels Lane on 22nd March 1914 at 19-30 for thos interested in attending
  7. The cleanest part of Sheffield City Centre are the litter bins.
  8. The route was 25 miles in length from Malin Bridge to Malin Bridge via Rivelin Valley Road and the opposite, the journey took 1 hour 55 minutes and the staff were changed at Herries Road bus depot, a shift on that route constituted of 4 trips.
  9. Not my first tie, but, I asked my uncle for the loan of a tie so that I could attend a wedding, at the wedding my uncle asked where his tie was that he had posted through our door one night while we were out. My Mum coloured up and said that when they returned home she saw this tie on the floor by the letter box and thinking it was kids fooling about she had burnt it, my uncle never loaned me another tie !!!!!!
  10. I was at the funeral of Terry Conley yesterday, although it was a sad occasion it was nice to meet up with former work mates on the transport and recall old times, Bradders from Mablethorpe, Smiffy from Scarborough to name but two, we all get a little greyer, a litle more portly, harder to hear than late, truely an occasion to remember
  11. Miss Hunter was the first teacher I had when I moved to Wadsley Bridge in 1949, she was a type of lady we all wanted for an aunt, thanks for the reminder of a truely very nice lady.
  12. I remember the pitches at the back of the dog track as that was where Sheffield Wednesday trained and where there Yorkshire League and Hatchard League teams played there home fixtures in the 1950's, in the summer of 1955 I was down there watching my hero's and Albert Quixall used to ride back to Hillsborough on my pushbike leaving it outside the players entrance for me to collect there, I was only too happy to walk back talking to any player who would listen to me and most of them did in those days, happy days
  13. Hi, I remember seing Count Basie & Stan Kenton there and the journey home after one of those performances was horrendous as it had snowed really heavy while we were in the Fiesta, my old boss tells a tale of him being a taxi driver and went to collect the then manager to take him home this fellow had Gene Pitney in tow and they all went to 'Greasy Vera's' for a greasy bacon sandwich before continuing on there journey, apparently Gene didn't know what to make of that but seemed to enjoy the experience.
  14. Hi, just for information, the Ritz on Wordsworth Avenue is no more it's completely flattend, this happend recently and I watched it disappear during my visits to watch Sheffield Wednesday, for me this cinema is where I was brought up, I can still see the chap in the wheel chair outside when I am on a nostalgia trip RIP The Ritz.
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