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  1. If the payment was taken by direct debit, your bank should be able to do a direct debit indemnity to claim the funds back.
  2. Seriously..... You seem to know so much about them.... You obviously want one....!!! I never mentioned jealously .....!!!! You did so you must be...!!!! ---------- Post added 02-01-2014 at 14:20 ---------- Ha ha ha...... You must have. Problem with people who own range rovers and convertibles.... For starting a pathetic thread about them...!!!
  3. Me and my hubby own a range rover vogue, neither of us are footballers or drug dealers.....!!! As for being unreliable.... Never had any problems with it....!!! Your obviously just bitter you haven't got one....!!!
  4. Nowt wrong wi upvc windows, no painting, virtually maintenance free, they also come in a range of different wood effects these days. PVC doors do seem to be a thing of the past tho, people are now buying the nicer looking tougher composite doors.
  5. I'm looking for an Avon rep who covers S5.... Binsted estate area, as the lady what used to do it has retired. Thanks in advance.
  6. Here here..... I agree, Paul's a really nice guy, we use him for our supplies.
  7. Kerfoots on Wadsley Bridge shops is where I take my watches for batteries, he used to own a stall in the market, very reasonable prices. Support our local shops.
  8. Try Ecco school of dance, Amanda the teacher is brilliant. I think there is a class at 2.45 on a Tuesday and there's only about 5 little ones in the class.
  9. Check the time the posts were posted...... Same time....!! Seriously.... No food, but obviously has phone or computer to get online.... Open your eyes lovvie....!!
  10. I love it.....!!! No money for food.... But 2 bedroom house to rent out, able to get on the Internet to post begging for food or money...??? Never rete....!!!
  11. Can anyone recommend a good beauty therapist/ salon in the Ecclesfield or surrounding areas....?? Wanting facials, pedicures and eyebrow shaping. Thanks.
  12. No, sorry don't know there e-mail address.
  13. Try Magna at Deepcar 2888494. They mend all kinds of power tools, lawn mowers ect.
  14. I am going to Portugal in a few days and was wondering if anyone has bougt euros in the last few days and where the best rate was....???
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