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  1. Janis Baker is my younger sister lives in Wales now,i will tell her to get on the forum.
  2. Yep Bole Hills were magic better than Cresta run and the ski,s no idea where that came from but you could stick them down your wellies,my dad even made me a sledge with iceskates on either corner,he brought them home when he was demobbed 46.
  3. does anybody remember making ski,s by splitting a bamboo cane in half steaming the ends with a kettle so they turned up at the ends and then you just stood on them and hoped,this was late 40s up Crookes.
  4. Yes at least he did when i left, never saw him again.
  5. Yep guilty as charged im Norman Baker lived at 16 but after leaving school only spent about 3yrs of and on there before i had it away,stopped being called Nobby reverted to first name Mike,got married for 2nd time still am never went bck until 84,(black Sheep of the family). Mike
  6. Yep i lived at 16 but always thought it was David Mottishead but definitely remember them i think they lived at no 6,but if you remember me i apologise i was a giant pain in the a--e LOL.
  7. Yes knew Roland well lived accross the rd from him went to there partys as for Betty Sergent went out with her at school dont know Les Poole though,Bettys parents used to do shift work great when they were on 2-10.00.
  8. The only girl i knew with them or can remember was Pauline Williamson,from Cotleigh Rd who was older than me and the reason i went schoolboy crush but the pain and rejection made me realise it was a lost cause,lol
  9. We Beighton Wheelers use to stop there first thing Sunday mornings when heading for Lathkildale and Matlock Bath hot buttered toast great tea and when coming back great relief that id made it from Baslow this was 55/6.I had a 3speed Raleigh Clubman and on cold wet November afternoons climbing out of Baslow was enough to make tears roll down this 14yr olds face i could kiss the Pewitt.
  10. I left in 51 but i thought there was a Woolies near the pictures.
  11. Anybody remember the first 3d films they showed their ,i know the one i saw there was a western with arrows coming out of the screen last film i saw was The Pit and the Pendulum.
  12. The Sidewalk was a Cafe not a bar went to it on opening day and certainly wasnt gay,did a great chicken sandwich, I left Sheffield 63 so dont know what happened since i also used the El Mambo when it first opened revolutionary for the time, when i left to go to London went to the 2iis coffee bar.
  13. Its not our far eastern brothers,its the ones at home who not being qualified for a job invented PC and HSafety and set themselves up as experts,i hope all their christmases !!!!!!!! so if you dont get carol singers blame them because its to dangerous or not PC,jeez i hate them,rant over.
  14. Loved carolling in the 50s i was in a church choir and did the rounds of the local churches but 3 of us would then go round the estate and yes we had to sing carols all the way through we were taken into the front rooms to sing it was great what with that and christmas tips on my paper rounds for that week i earned more than my Dad. Now the only thing i hear is we wish you a merry christmas which gets them nothing.
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