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  1. Good on you, we shouldn't have to tell them about their own offer though should we
  2. My friend lives there and loves it, the schools are good, nice community and easy to get into town. I agree Meersbrook or Graves park are great too !
  3. I think its you that is the idiot not understanding what a poster's signature means and then getting all high and mighty about it. As if he put that signature there just for that post, no he didn't its there all the time .......... As for the men being foreign I didn't say it mattered in the situation did I, was just commenting on how they knew they were French because they mentioned it ! If its that important why haven't they reported it to the police instead of wittering about it on here ?
  4. What is the matter with you and how old are you ? Grow up and get on with it like everyone else has to unless you are special or something Only a wimp would start a thread like this one
  5. I don't think its allowed to take the pee out of someone else's post
  6. Do you want me to fetch you some next time I'm in Whitby ?
  7. Come back to Sheffield its always in Morrisons
  8. Lactulose syrup from the chemists does the job too, just a teaspoon full on their dinner will work
  9. :hihi: I must admit to having a job to read some of those posts with no punctuation, it gives me a headache !
  10. Its not to do with that , its to do with the animals body clock
  11. They probably wouldn't say 'thank you' until they had been given the item though
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