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  1. Thanks for that I will give them a call Gyte
  2. Does any one now any were in Sheffield I could get a < beer pint pot > colour printed or engraved for a 40th birthday Thanks Gyte
  3. I know of one person a certain Mr Noel Edmonds got one for private use all that cash in the bank and he purchased a black cab for £200 so he could run the Taxi lanes so not to be stood in traffic is that a deal or no deal
  4. just told Remploy of west street they will be in touch in next 14days that's all info supplied from job centre
  5. Been told after 12 mths out of work, first time in over 30 years and with sod all support from job centre that i am to be moved on to remploy.... Who? Had 2 interviews with job centre first after 3mths told no one to see me due to sickness and they would be in touch after 6mths , called in again to be told i was out of term for job seekers and now on new deal ?, and now after 13mths called in and told i had been missed of the list and should have been seen sooner but now you are on flexible new deal moving to remploy for further job search and have a personal adviser what is this all about ??? What a sham . Had 4 interviews in this last 12mths and still on a daily basis chasing possible work, with no help from job centre whats that saying ? If you want something doing do it your self .
  6. Can any one tell me where i can get a wrought iron angled wall bracket for xmas tree or any one who does fabrication of wall brackets Thanks.
  7. Does any one know were I could pick up a small cheap, new or good second hand freezer for my dad ,free standing type. not fridge/freezer
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