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  1. i have a picture of your dad at tenter street i don't know how to get it onto the sheffield forum if you give me a call i will give you the details where it is and you can see it you may have seen it but he was quite young ---------- Post added 19-11-2015 at 18:47 ---------- this is a message for fidlersticks
  2. what year did he go to huntsman gardens
  3. hi Malc 1969 i lived next door but one on Baker st to Raymond Bird he lived with his nan and grandad flo and albert sylvia also lived there he was about 12 years old when i left is he still around i also worked for sylvia and dom from about 12 years old until i left school then worked for Rosie I had l plates on the ice cream van and passed my test t 17 then got my own van till i was 20 years old then i left but went back about 3 years later i remember Gina what a girl still would like to hear from raymond if he is still around
  4. hi raymondo did not know the pig man but knew all the other people you mentioned jimmy house was a good footballer i think he had a trial for sheff u my mother knew his mother quite well as my youngest brother was about the same age as jimmy did you live in baker street or nearby
  5. it was raymond bird who did the grass snake who lived at 37 baker street with his nan and yes your dad did have a ford anglia car after the bike he had an accident on the bike and so decided to buy a car i was the one who used to take him out with the l plates on had quite a few runs to cleethorpes while he was learning
  6. sorry paul you are slightly mistaken the grubbs lived at 35 baker st the birds lived at 37 baker street the halls lived at 33 baker street your dad had a motor bike if my memory serves me right a big vincent 1000 great people what great times walking across the yard to the lavy especially in winter
  7. hi john i went to Huntsmans Gardens school in 1949 sounds such a long time ago which it is i was 5 we went to the annexe on worksop road first i lived in baker street opposite shirland lane then got married in 1965 but stayed at Huntsmans untill i had done the 11 plus:) ---------- Post added 16-06-2013 at 20:48 ---------- sorry did not remember the brownies they would not let us join but i remember cubs at zion lane church and boys brigade at attercliffe church the vicar at that time was a guy called holmes his lad was in our class during later years dates i cannoy quite remember when
  8. help required i am trying to locate my best man billy glaves last heard of on herries drive anyone knowing his whereabouts i would appreciate information please lost contact about 15 years ago
  9. did not know the answers but looking at those wonderful old buses brings a lump to the throat great pictures they dont build them like that today
  10. only bloke i know is graham sorry fogot your surname went to live somewhere near skeggy am i warm or what ---------- Post added 27-02-2013 at 18:56 ---------- got it bradshaw
  11. ok give us a clue there were many rent a gobs on the buses
  12. Hi Jay Phipps we lived next door to your parents at stannington in the maisonettes in 1965 your dad was the bass guitarist with the group they had an old ambulance to get around when the group packed up your dad worked at fletchers when i was thare i left fletchers and went to work on the buses your dad johnnie then came and worked on the buses i cannot for the life of me remember your mums name forgive me ---------- Post added 19-02-2013 at 18:42 ---------- i remember going to your nans on parson x with your dad
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