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  1. Anyone know of a car boot in Sheffield today? 25th March. Thanks
  2. Hi. Standard it pretty good. Some players are also from a past high standard. We don't have a team this season. But looking at putting one in next season. So at present we play full court with no drills. Come along tomorrow to see how we are. Trust me. It is a good session with a good set of lads with different standards. Ask for me. Neil
  3. Monday night Fat Lads session 815pm start to 945pm. £4 Springs Leisure Centre East Bank Road Sheffield S2 2AL Let me know if you would like to come. Maybe able to arrange lifts if required.
  4. Looking for people to play Mondays at myrtle springs at 815pm for 1hr 30 mins. £4 for men and women of all ages and experience.
  5. Advice is what I'm looking for. My girlfriend advised me she has fallen into debt and cannot afford to pay it and has debt recovery companies calling all the time. I stepped up and said I will pay the balanxe. Albeit in instalments. Debt company called. Name of my girlfriend was confirmed. Then my girlfriend advised the debt negotiator that I will deal on her behalf. To which the phone was handed to me. I asked how much was owed and that I would pay it. My concern is. What level of dpa needs to be done these days?? As I found out without my girlfriend saying or signing full authority to discuss the debt. also would I be wise to report the company? Thanks
  6. Anyone know of a good and cheap flea pest control company?
  7. I am hoping to pick them up today from a shop. Will try homebase. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement brackets that screw into the wall for a roller blind? Both brackets snapped and the blind itself is a custom made blackout. Brackets are standard but I cannot seem to find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. Thanks for the advice. Clearly I asked for advice not judgement. Thanks to those who offered good responses.
  10. I asked the question and was told no. I have kicked a fuss up about it and if I'm Still employed Monday i will ask it again. Thanks for the link.
  11. How do you mean late? Basically I have agreed to a loan to help me through the month. £500. And to pay it back over 3 months. The way the contract was explained I could have paid the agreed back over 3 months with over time. But it was explained wrong To me and I have to work 52 hours overtime before seeing it in my pay packet. The 52 hours have been worked out and put into my yearly salary. Once I have worked the 52 hours overtime, then I will see extra going into my pay as a time n half figure.
  12. Removed due to good advice from Some members Thanks
  13. In the climate we are in at the moment and at any time. We as humans look for the cheapest way to do things. Increase will lead to the strong possability of more "bootlegging" be it with Booze or Tobacco. I for one like a pint or two. But prefer to drink at home these days as its too expensive to have a night out. If i was given the option of cheap beer from somewhere i would take it. As i am sure many others would. Has anyonse seen Demolition Man? Is this the perfect society that the world strives to be??
  14. Not advice this is it. Thanks ---------- Post added 21-01-2013 at 13:29 ---------- Mod please close this thread. I believe I have the answers I was looking for. Many thanks
  15. Really? The plastic connector blocks are ok? If that is correct that will be great for now. Thanks so much for the advice was worried that it would not be an option. :-)
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