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  1. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/sep/21/david-cameron-pig-head-lord-ashcroft-unofficial-biography-drug-taking-claims
  2. "I'm going to grab a coffee" "Lets grab a snack" ---------- Post added 09-09-2015 at 09:19 ---------- I was in Canada last year and the waitresses have a habit of saying ‘OK Perfect!’ when you order ‘Could I have a tea please’ ‘Tea? OK perfect! Milk?’ ‘Yes please’ ‘Perfect!’ ‘Could we have two buns as well?’ ‘Two buns! Perfect! Anything else?’ ‘No thanks’ ‘OK perfect!’ I found it very hard not to take the mick...
  3. Do you use a packet mix or from scratch? And where do you buy the ingredients? Thank you
  4. Depends what you mean by healthy really, do you mean lots of veg and fresh ingredients, or do you mean low fat?
  5. I don't know, to me it seems a bit like the quiet coach. If there aren't the staff there to enforce it, the reasonable men will abide by the rules and the horrible ones will barge through into that carriage anyway and carry on with their bad behaviour?
  6. I would rather have more staff, conductors, BTP on trains than be segregated. The only time I've felt threatened is travelling with football supporters, drunk and leary, also twice had someone try and touch me under a table or sitting next to me. I'm ok dealing with that, but it would have been nice to have a conductor or someone to tell about it though.
  7. I don't understand wht you're point you're trying to make?
  8. Man has consensual or otherwise sex with a 13 year old girl. Girl gets pregnant. Girl decides 30 years later to disclose who raped her. Conclusive proof of rape. Does depend on the circumstances doesn't it. I'm not sure WHY you're trying to DISPROVE things I DIDN'T say?
  9. Not necessarily, there could be witnesses, there might be photographic or video evidence. There might be witnesses or other evidence of threats or intimidation. There might be a baby born of the rape which bears DNA. Just because a crime happened 30 years ago it doesn't mean there is no evidence.
  10. A lovely poem I showed to my husband because I really liked the first verse in particular Makes me feel grateful for what I have Thank you for sharing and sorry for your loss
  11. Quite. If jaywalking were against the law maybe I’d agree with the thread but, I don’t really see the problem with crossing a road safely and legally in front of a child.
  12. The huge one in the upper field Endcliffe Park http://cdn.c.photoshelter.com/img-get2/I0000KvGU2N7KIbc/fit=1000x750/Endcliffe-Park-0161.jpg When we were first courting we would go and sit up there together as I'm sure many couples have before and since
  13. I hate it too davyboy. I'm generally quite calm but for some reason this makes me rage. I have a woman at work who calls her family 'hubby' (husband) and 'bubs' (6 year old child)...ugh.
  14. Ozmans have it on London Road, along with more or less every other soft drink there is!
  15. I’m feeling a little bit uninspired after work these days Usually have cooked chicken and salad, or pasta and veg, Or from the chippy Any better suggestions for stuff to make in 30 mins?
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