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  1. Not to worry will soon be feezing conditions again, the new thread will be, (freezing on cold buses) because heating turned off!!
  2. Do Stagecoach drivers get intensive training when sacked or leaving first where they actually pass their test!! I know because most of them are mates, so saying they are politer or better drivers, get a life. And going back to the original comment they get fed up with students giving a £5, £10 or £20 note for a 80p fare, not only the odd one.
  3. That usually happens when a inconsiderate car or taxi is parked in a bus stop and taking them off the dole pmsl, i'd say 50% have a past trade i.e builders, chippies, gas engineers, carpet fitters, plasterers to name but a few due to something called a recession!!! They come on buses because they don't want to be on the dole...
  4. after reading all the comments on here all I can say regarding all bus companies is don't take it out on the drivers, at the end of the day they're only doing their jobs and work to their abilities. I also know drivers that do carry between a £50-£100 float which comes out of their own pocket (dead money for them) I do realise that the £5 first give out is not enough for a float, I also know that passengers getting on early in the morning with a note are often going for the free ride which is why first brought in this ruling...
  5. 04.30 in the morning is not 16.30 in the afternoon!!! a £5.00 float is issued to all new drivers no money is kept in the interchange, if it was what about the buses that don't go there(52,22,25a,75,76,97,98,51 etc etc)
  6. A bus engine cought fire running empty, the driver noticed the smoke isolated it and called the fire brigade.
  7. I think First should not be putting the fares up but it makes me laugh how people are commenting about how good stagecoach drivers are, most of my ex colleagues work for them now through mainly sacked from first, So do they suddenly bacome nicer working for stagecoach! As for stagecoach drivers stopping between stops, the driver is putting his job at risk, his licence and a big fine, It all actually depends what frame of mind the driver is in, we all have good and bad days first and stagecoach but don't blame the driver for a fare increase
  8. most part day drivers have been on them for years and get extra pay during there break known as spreadover which is around £30 a week, anyone going on part days now volunteer for it but don't get spreadover it's mainly to avoid early mornings and late nights.
  9. not heard anything about us (first) losing any part of the service but if we have i can only imagine it being in the evening(late night) not early cos we are the only op. that runs at daft o'clock in the morning lol
  10. First won't be charging, they put in a tender for it and got it. Hence the word FREEBEE!! Not 20p or 50p freebee pmsl
  11. not been good for a long time i now go to hurlfield a lot better.
  12. please tell me why a bus is late! is it because we take our time and think i'm going to be late to **** the general public off!! or is iot because the traffic in sheffield at rush hour is chaotic? a bus driver can't win cos when the bus is late it's the drivers fault and when a driver puts his foot dowm to catch time up he's driving like a maniac. generally i love my my job and love the banter(which i only usually get if i'm on time) what i'm really saying is if a bus is running late the is a reason for it and give the driver a break cos like me we usually want to get our 5 minuters at the terminus for a smoke. p.s as for being miserable it's usually a member of public that's ****** us off and put us in a mood!!!!.
  13. every stop up to past london rd is £1.95!!! i think you mean every stop after empire rd to woodseats is that price. town to boston st 85p, to highfield library £1.30 up to empire rd £1.60 after that £1.95 and after woodseats£2.40
  14. suprised you got a 45 in firth park the driver must have gone the wrong way lol, think you meant a 46
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