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  1. We would like to recommend Jeff Smith - joiner (JSmith2009). Jeff took the time to talk through options to best suit our requirements/budget (10 internal doors and 3 external doors supplied and fitted amongst other items). He worked extremely long hours to get the job done on time and in budget, we were very impressed by this, coupled with his high standard of work. Thanks again Jeff. We'll be in touch soon re the next job!
  2. Can anyone recommend a good block paving company in the Sheffield/Rotherham area??
  3. hi, did you manage to complete the full 7 days, if so, how much did you lose altogether?
  4. Would like to recommend Sam Lovatt (Dearne Domestic Plumbing) Called Sam yesterday evening due to a leak at our property. Sam arrived first thing this morning at the time arranged, fixed the problem quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost. Many thanks Sam, your help is much appreciated. Will definitely call again with any future plumbing problems (Retford Road property)
  5. Just received my parcels today that there despatched on 29 November! Still waiting for the ones that were despatched 3 and 5 Dec. It'll be 50:50 whether I get these in time for Christmas at this rate. Meanwhile I'm continuing to receive 'junk' mail thats only been in the postal system for 2 days - so very annoying!
  6. Its annoying enough knowing that they've still got my first class parcels from 30 November, but to top it off today I received a Christmas card that was posted SECOND CLASS yesterday from Rotherham!!! What an absolute farce our postal system is!
  7. I've just called our local sorting office (Dinnington) regarding the parcels I'm still waiting for (despatched on 30 November) and got the response that they are first dealing with the items that have been received last and then after that the backlogged items that arrived during the snow!!! This is why we're receiving things that were only posted second class 2 days ago, and yet first class items from November may not be delivered until after Christmas!! Who's ridiculous idea was that??
  8. Thanks for that,will be giving them a call tomorrow or Thursday if my parcels dont arrive by then. Will keep you 'posted'!
  9. does anyone know which sorting office receives post destined for swallownest/aston please and if so their tel number? Thanks
  10. is anyone else in S26 still encountering delays? I'm still waiting for 3 parcels which were despatched over 2 weeks ago by Play.com.
  11. I contacted Haybrook a couple of months ago on two seperate occasions to view a certain property, each time I had to leave a message with the receptionist who said someone would get back to me to make an appointment, they never did. The house is still on the market and we have since bought another property through a different agent.
  12. Many thanks Lotti, will definitely give the clicker training a go.
  13. Thanks everyone! Following all the advice, from this morning I've been issuing in a low stern voice a firm "NO!" and then withdrawing my attention and it definitely has seemed to work today. When her play has been really boisterous with the nipping, i've delivered 'to the best of my ability' a loud doggy yelp and turned away from her instantly, which completely stopped her in her tracks, very impressive. Daisy is an extremely adorable 9 week old chocolate Labrador Retriever and looks like she's just stepped out of an Andrex commercial! Just trying to work out how to put a picture of her on here. Have heard a lot of good reports about 'clicker' training. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How old does a puppy ideally need to be to introduce this method? Thanks again everyone.
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone, will give it a go and keep you updated....
  15. Help!! Any tips on how i can stop my puppy from constantly nipping/biting would be gratefully received???
  16. Thanks Lotti and Nikki-red, i'll have a read of these. x Crazy chick - she's a labrador retriever and the cutest thing i've seen on 4 legs. x
  17. We are picking up our very first puppy up next week. Have read and researched lots through books/internet, etc but as we will be novices any tips/best practise on all aspects of puppy life; house training, socialising, being around children etc would be gratefully received??
  18. Just watch an episode of the BBC Traffic Cops, you'll soon get an idea.
  19. all this scare stuff is just over rated and there is no need for it. this country is too obsessed with hygene health and safety, our ancestors years ago manged perfectly fine so can we. Try telling that to the poor lady, who last year had both her two young sons in intensive care following a visit to a petting farm. I know these incidents are thankfully few and far between, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
  20. Took the kids to Graves Park last Sunday afternoon, was lovely, however just one word of warning - take your own hygiene gel. After the kids had stroked and petted the animals we went to wash our hands, only to find all the soap dispensers empty. Thankfully had reserves of gel in my bag.
  21. I rest my case - slightest bit of criticism and you think we're men haters or we've had a bad relationship. Actually its to the contrary! I'm merely pointing out the fact that some men drive like numpteys, and there are many women out there who are perfectly good drivers - just deal with it. End of!
  22. I think men feel threatened when they see a competent woman driver who can handle their car well in any given situation. Had to smile the other day in Crystal Peaks car park - a man drove his Fiesta (yes Fiesta) into 2 car parking spaces and walked away from it straddling both parking bays, talk about selfish and inconsiderate! But hey that's men for you!
  23. PS. For equality's sake, may I remind our female readers that I could dock the QE2 in that space which you struggled to park your Clio. I would challenge any man to a manoeuvre test - mine is second to none, and no I don't drive a Smart car, it's a large estate!
  24. I'm really shocked by this thread. My grandparents used to live on here twenty something years ago, and I used to visit them every week, it was such a nice place - mainly OAPs - lovely little playground and shop. My grandad used to tend the communal garden area at the front of their flat and grew beautiful roses up the walls etc etc. Its really sad to think of it being the way it is now..
  25. bought mine from Boots online, had them 3 years, no probs!
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